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Waka Visual Novel
Kanji ワカ
Rōmaji Waka
Race Human
Age 28
Height 194 cm (6'4")
Gender Male
Eyes Amber
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Maid's Sheep
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Visual Novel AMNEƧIA
Anime I
Seiyū Takahashi Hidenori
Jay Hickman (English)
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Waka (ワカ, Waka) is the manager of the Maid's Sheep.


Waka is a very tall man that wears oval-shaped glasses and has short brown hair with amber eyes.

Being the manager of the Maid's Sheep, he, not unlike his employees, wears a very formal outfit befitting the theme of the cafe, although Waka's clothes are rather distinctive.

He wears a white shirt with a closed collar and several lines running down vertically. Around the collar is a red ribbon wrapped in a bow, carrying a golden medallion bearing the symbol of the Zodiac Aries. Over this shirt is a black vest, closed, with grayish streaks patterned on the thick clothing. It has diamond-shaped buttons that have a golden color and an intricate carving, similar to a honeycomb. Beneath Waka's waist, he wears black pants covering over his black shoes. Around his right thigh is a red string with a golden pin, shaped like a diamond with a honeycomb carving, similar to the rest of his button-like adornments. Over most of Waka's clothes is a black coat with an exceptionally high coattail. The inner lining is golden and has a diamond motif. Likewise, there are several golden-colored streaks outlining most of the jacket's black cloth. The entire front is decorated with eight diamond-shaped patches of red-and-black cloth with a golden border, four on each side. Between them is an identically-shaped button that is no different from the buttons used to close up Waka's vest inside. There are six in total. Furthermore, Waka's coat has a double lapel that is colored red-and-black on the inside, though it has a golden border, which extends to maple leaves on the top and bottom portions of the lower and upper lapels, respectively. Around the ends of the sleeves of the coat is a red-and-black patch running full circle. Waka finishes his outfit with a pair of black gloves.


Waka has a different personality depending on which route the player chooses. In the anime, his personality changes as the Heroine travels through different worlds:

  • In the beginning (Episode 1-2), Waka seems to be calm and collected, but if someone has an error with their work he becomes angry.
  • In Heart's route (Episode 3-4), He is friendly, upbeat, and flamboyant. He seems to care from his work part timers.
  • In Spade's route (Episode 5-6), He is strict and thinks of it as a battlefield where the customers are his enemies. 
  • In Clover's route (Episode 7), He almost lacks emotions, and is less talkative, but he appears to use his silent for communication toward his part timer by looking them in the eye. 
  • In Diamond's route (Episode 8), He appears to be have same personality from the beginning; he's strict, but understanding.
  • In Joker's route, (Episode 10-11), Waka appears to be serious, responsible, professional,  and calm. 


Waka has different personalities in different worlds because he has very different history in each world. The quiet Waka who says he'll kill, that's assassin Waka, who has a history of being an professional assassin on the battlefield. The flamboyant Waka was trained in the dance arts and loves shopping. Etc etc


Visual NovelEdit


Heart's Route Edit

Waka is very friendly towards the Heroine and is very sympathetic with her working despite her injuries from the trip to the villa in Shinano. He goes out with his workers for playing with fireworks, and allows the Heroine to go back home early from work when he sees her stressed form Shin turning himself to the police. Waka is forced to run the cafe by himself as his workers go with Shin to Shinano to investigate his case. After three days, Waka gives himself a break, making the Heroine, Toma, and Mine work at the cafe without him.

Spade's Route Edit

Waka is very strict with his workers, to the point that he makes them shout "The customer is the enemy!" every morning. When the Heroine gets sick, he makes her go through a harsh lesson. When Ikki decides to confront his fanclub, Waka supports him by giving advice on fighting for his live for the Heroine. He watches the confrontation and congratulates Ikki, though he takes money off of Ikki's salary because he broke the wall.

Diamond's Route Edit

When Toma requests that the Heroine takes a break from work, Waka questions him and asks for the Heroine's own opinion. When she answers that she needs to rest from work, Waka grants her request.

Joker's Route Edit

Waka is a huge fan of Ukyo's photography and talks to him whenever he comes to the cafe. He leads the staff as they go out for the festival and has all the young men take part in the shaved ice contest.




Skills and TalentsEdit




Waka relationship with the Heroine depends of which routes the player choose of how he treats her since he has a different personality of each of them. In the Heart's Route, Waka seem very friendly and nicer toward her and impressed how she works, he was worried about her condition after the incident and she had to spend 2 weeks in the hospital. In Spade's route, he been really harsh and strict at her if she didn't followed her job.  In Clover's route, he didn't much interact her that much. In Diamond's Route, he is very nice and allows the heroine to take leave on sudden notice when he heard she was unwell.


In Heart's Route, Waka is friendly toward Shin even though he not employee, he often calls him "Shin-chan". When Mine heard rumoring that Shin is being like his father as he almost killed the Heroine, Waka concern that even he could be strict and harsh, but he wouldn't hurt his girlfriend, expecially Shin was taken by the police for questions, he was very worried about him.


In Spade's Route, he and Ikki has a strain relationship. However he did help by lecturing Ikki, he learns it  how he did business and Ikki use it to confronted Rika and former girlfriends. 






"Customers are the enemy!" - Waka


It is demonstrated in one episode that Waka can smell when the rain is going to start and when it is going to stop.



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