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VIII is the eighth episode of the AMNEƧIA anime. It aired on February 25, 2013.


Heroine discover a dairy

After the Heroine saw Toma, she passed out and she was taken in the hospital. When the doctor talked to her, it was seen that there was nothing wrong with the Heroine and so Toma sighed in relief. They walked out and Toma took the Heroine to her house as he left right after giving her his phone due to hers no longer functioning as said by him. A while Toma away to buy some grocery since her refrigerator is empty, she begins to look around her room and she discover a daily that may revealed her true identify. However her dairy has a lock and she tried to search for a key in her drawers, and she look at her calendar and all the dates mark "Mei" which it's referring to the place she work at, and then check for tomorrow that to meet up with Ikki at the back alley before Toma returns and making her dinner.

During the raining morning, when the Heroine check something in her mail, but suddenly her mailbox is fill with garbage. Toma went to her home and to clean up in her mailbox and realize it gone. The Heroine asking Toma if he can come with her to the back alley. After the rain stopped, as they went to back alley, she ask him if they are going out, but Toma albeit dark expression replied he is.

Suddenly she somehow wake up in her room with Toma by her side. He proclaim that she pass from the heat and is taken to the hospital yesterday.

Photo of the Heroine, Toma and Shin

Photo of the Heroine, Toma and Shin

At work, Toma asked his manager, Waka if it's okay for the Heroine a break since she hasn't been feeling well, with he accepted. As she about Toma about Ikki, she was almost been hit by flowerpot, which she was frighten. Toma outraged and saw of the one girls in the cafe and chase her and tell her to wait, short after he lose track of that person, he decide to take her his house where is safe for her. The Heroine looks at photo album where she founds photo of her, Toma, and Shin together in their childhood. Before leaving the Heroine, he is seen outside of his house where it is revealed that he has her cellphone.

The Heroine meet Ukyo again at night

The Heroine encounter Ukyo at night

At night, she went to buy something at the market, she heard familiar voice. The young man with green hair reappear and he greet her and asked her if she dating Toma this time, which he was happy until his personality changes and suddenly tell her that she going to be killed and gripped onto her arm telling that she doesn't have much time left that she should enjoyed where it last and he laughing maniac. Until Toma arrive and the young man toss her to the ground and disappear into shadows as Toma comforted the hurt Heroine and let her stay home with him for a night. The Heroine just agreed and so Toma slept on the floor.

Heroine and Toma

Toma talks the Heroine about their childhood past

In the next day, Toma was still sleeping so the Heroine decided to comfort him by moving the blanket onto him but to her shock, she was dragged by the sleeping Toma to lay beside her while muttering words about how he likes the Heroine so much and why can't they just be at peace with their relationship. Toma woke up right after and immediately stood up as he said to the Heroine they would play a game of any like. He decide to take her shopping together. Not for long, Toma got exhausted of all the walking and the Heroine figured out that she could buy a drink for the both of them. But before she could make a move, one of Ikki's fangirls cut her hair without her knowing. Three of them soon approached the Heroine with angered expressions.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Kent
  2. Heroine
  3. Toma
  4. Waka
  5. Ikki
  6. Sawa
  7. Shin (photo)
  8. Ukyo



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