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Air Date February 18, 2013
Opening Zoetrope
Ending Recall
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VII is the seventh episode of the AMNEƧIA anime. It aired on February 18, 2013.

After falling into the depths of the waters, an even more confused Heroine finds that she is in a new world, with Kent as her boyfriend. With Orion gone again, she adjusts to her new lifestyle and tries communicating with the logic-only Kent. Things pick up smoothly especially after the two attend a temple festival in the city. However, one morning at the university, it appears as though the Heroine's amnesia has been suspected, and now she needs to explain herself, before she awakens in another world.


The Heroine Outside Her Apartment

The Heroine finds herself outside her apartment again.

After being knocked into the waters, a frightened Heroine looks on as she continues sinking, growing further away from the boat.

Suddenly, she finds that it is broad daylight and she is outside her apartment, confusing her. The Heroine notices that she has received a new text message. She checks her cell phone and sees that it is from Kent; evidently, he is at the Maid's Sheep and he would like to talk with her about something. The Heroine then notices the date on her cell phone which says that it is August 1st again.

Quiet Tea

The Heroine having tea with Kent in the Maid's Sheep.

She eventually heads to the Maid's Sheep. Upon going inside, she sits at a table with Kent and has tea with him, though neither say anything. She wonders what Kent wants to say as she analyzes his expressions, noting that he appears angry or irritated. He finally breaks the ice between them by telling the Heroine that she should speak about what she wants to say, otherwise he will not know, as he evidently cannot read others' thoughts. Moreover, it appears as though the Heroine has personal dissatisfaction with Kent, which he would like to resolve, attributing it to his research on "courting" women. The Heroine apologizes and says that she does not understand him; her sincerity bewilders Kent. Though, as surprised as he is, Kent apologizes himself, noting that he acted immature before. The Heroine is relieved that nothing bad became of the situation though she remains as confused as ever.

Slow Heroine

Kent walks a little too fast for the Heroine.

Later, the two head out for a stroll in the city. However, the Heroine is unable to keep up with Kent's fast pace and eventually grows tired, which Kent soon notices. Upon stopping, she asks where they are heading, and after listening to Kent's explanation, she wonders whether they are actually on a date. Kent evidently thinks otherwise as he then begins questioning the idea of a stroll around the train station.

The Heroine eventually goes back to her apartment. She checks on her pink journal and discovers that it is blank again. Reflecting on Orion's words in the past, she deduces that she is currently in a different world. The Heroine then starts checking the text messages on her cell phone, learning that Kent has texted her every day, though his messages are usually greetings in the morning or night. She then receives a new text message from Kent saying that he will be in the university lab throughout the next day, though the Heroine is free to visit him.

Bored & Alone

The Heroine sits alone on the couch as Kent types.

When morning comes, the Heroine goes to the local university and heads into the lab, where she sees Kent typing on a computer. He notices her and tells the Heroine to sit anywhere and have any drink in the refrigerator, which turns out to contain only water bottles. The Heroine takes one, nonetheless, and has a seat on the couch. Bored, she studies her surroundings and notices from a text book that Kent studies mathematics in the university. The Heroine considers speaking to Kent but decides not to, despite her curiosity about his research.

Kent Pats The Heroine

Kent surprises the Heroine by patting her head.

Kent ends up finishing his research during the evening; around this time, he then starts closing the blinds on the windows. The Heroine finally asks whether he wanted something; much to her surprise, Kent explains that she previously wanted to spend more time together and so he organized the day inside the university lab, seeing as he couldn't do anything else but work. The Heroine then confesses that she wanted to talk to him, but when Kent allows her to, she suddenly realizes that she cannot think of a topic. In her silence, Kent realizes something, and goes over to pat her on the head. He explains that doing so is supposed to be beneficial in relationships. Kent soon realizes that he is hurting her with his hand and apologizes, concluding that he should put more research into how he should pat her head.

Sometime after, the Heroine goes to work with Sawa. She notices that the Waka managing the cafe is less talkative than how she has normally expected of him. Before starting their shifts, Sawa asks whether the Heroine is planning on wearing a yukata to the temple festival in the evening, which the Heroine reassures that she will. Sawa cheerfully concludes that the Heroine is actually excited about the occasion.

The Heroine In A Yukata

The Heroine waits for Kent.

Work is eventually over and everyone leaves for the day. The Heroine gets dressed in a lavender yukata and she goes to the train station, waiting for Kent to pick her up at six o'clock. However, after fifteen minutes, Kent is still not there. The Heroine continues to wait as the clouds begin dripping rain. She later receives a text message from Kent about when she got off of work; using this excuse to text back, she explains how she is waiting for him at the train station to attend the festival. Upon receiving the text message, Kent calls back to apologize for forgetting, and states that he will be on his way there.

After running for quite a while, Kent finally arrives at the train station with an umbrella. He notices that the Heroine is wearing a yukata despite the cold weather. He asks whether she did it for him, though he then denies the thought, claiming that it is conceited of him to think so. Kent then opens his umbrella and says for them to get going.

Kent Keeps With The Heroine

Kent slows down so that the Heroine can stay with him.

Together, they walk to the temple in the forests. Along the way, Kent starts speeding up, though he slows down after noticing that the Heroine is not walking as fast him. As they head to the temple, the Heroine thinks about how Kent has memories of them spending time together, when she doesn't, leaving her to wonder how things will go if she continues to stay silent.

Couple Holding The Umbrella

The Heroine takes hold of the umbrella like Kent suggested.

The Heroine and Kent soon arrive at the temple where they find that it is bustling with people. Kent states that they should stick together and suggests that the Heroine grab onto the umbrella, to assure that they won't be separated; smiling, the Heroine does so. As they walk throughout the area of the festival, bells chime in the wind. When finally alone, Kent reveals that they made a promise to attend the temple festival when they first start dating, thus revealing why they are there. Kent then notices that it has stopped raining. Shortly after, the two of them begin enjoying the stalls in the festival and having a good time together. When they sit down for a break, Kent apologizes again for forgetting about the temple festival and thus, his promise to the Heroine, then admitting that he actually had a good time. The Heroine says that she had fun as well. Upon hearing her words, Kent feels inevitably concerned and suspicious.

Pouring Coffee

Kent pouring the water into the coffee filter.

After the temple festival, the Heroine visits Kent again in the university lab with coffee. While preparing drinks for them both, Kent notes on how she brought him mocha in the past, which the Heroine admits that she did; however, Kent then says that she brought him coffee for the first time, today. He then reveals that he has noticed how different the Heroine has been in the past few weeks and, after several theories why, he concludes that she has amnesia. Kent explains moreover that it appears as though the Heroine has had this dilemma since they've begun a relationship. He then asks whether she has any objections.

Orion With Kent & Heroine

Orion indirectly speaks with Kent about the Heroine's situation.

Speechless, the Heroine soon notices that Orion has returned, and she is advised to explain everything to Kent, which she does. Kent is able to understand what the Heroine tells him. He begins asking about Orion, such as his appearance and mannerisms, which the Heroine kindly details through voice and in a large sketchpad. After learning more about the spirit, he then decides to openly communicate with Orion. The two "converse" throughout the night and eventually Kent learns that the Heroine has been forced to travel between different worlds. With this in mind, he concludes that the Heroine is not the same person whom he has known in the past, thus clarifying that she has not been acting more kindly simply because she has become more emotionally attached to him; reflecting on this, Kent becomes gloomy. Orion points this out to the Heroine before he unexpectedly disappears again.

Kent's Gentle Pat

Kent places his hand on the Heroine's head.

Kent reveals how he and the Heroine have always fought before as she often found something about him to be displeasing. However, over time, she began to teach him that understanding human emotions is important, which he thanks her for. Kent then goes to pat her head again though with less force. Afterwards, the Heroine says that the one whom Kent has always known probably liked him, and simply could not be as honest with him.

Lucky Clover Holding Hands

The couple hold hands together as they walk down the street.

The two eventually leave the campus and walk in the city. As they cross a street, Kent asks whether he can see the Heroine again tomorrow, and he reaches out to hold her hand. The Heroine cheerfully replies that he will. The street lights begin flickering so as to indicate that the pedestrians will have to stop crossing the street. Just when the street lights begin flickering from green to yellow, a man brushes past the Heroine, unintentionally forcing her to be knocked aside and let go of Kent's hand.

However, she then finds herself walking again in a slight daze, with recollections of a large metallic cage. As she keeps moving, someone suddenly grabs her hand and forces her to stop, moreover asking why she is spacing out just like that. The Heroine turns around and discovers that the person who stopped her is Toma.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Orion
  2. Heroine
  3. Kent
  4. Waka
  5. Sawa
  6. Toma



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