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Air Date February 11, 2013
Opening Zoetrope
Ending Recall
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VI is the sixth episode of the AMNEƧIA anime. It aired on February 11, 2013.

The Heroine slowly begins to understand more about Ikki's feelings towards her, until one night, he confesses outside her apartment while also speaking to her on the phone. Several days later, they and several girls from Ikki's fan club head to the Shinano Mountains to have a trip: this trip is the same one that the Heroine took before. However, here, everything about Ikki's unusual gaze and his fan club's dating rule is fully revealed, perhaps too late.


Ikki & Heroine In His Bedroom

Ikki prevents the Heroine from leaving.

The Heroine attempts to leave Ikki's bedroom and go back to her apartment, when he stops her and asks whether she is staying over for the night. Caught by surprise, she stutters while trying to answer his question, even after Ikki offers to sleep on the floor while she takes his bed. However, he eventually admits that he was kidding and offers to walk the Heroine back to her apartment instead.

Heroine Writes In Her Journal Again

The Heroine writes down notes in her journal.

Inside her bedroom, the Heroine writes in her pink journal about what she has learned in the past few days with Ikki. After the Heroine finishes writing, she then reflects on what she learned about Ikki and his dating habits, making her wonder what is going to happen next. As the Heroine ponders over this thought, she receives the same text message about her "daily report", worrying her and causing her to question what it could mean.

The following morning, just as the Heroine enters the Maid's Sheep so that she can go to work, a crying Mine abruptly runs out from the front entrance and away from the building.

The Two Speak Together At Work

Ikki speaks about his thoughts near the Heroine.

The Heroine eventually goes inside and gets dressed when she notices an annoyed Ikki; concerned, she goes up to him. Ikki mumbles to himself about how girls constantly try to draw him away from her, despite knowing of their relationship, and he wonders whether he truly hates girls; however, he then shrugs this off to the Heroine, saying that he simply does not understand a girl's thoughts, such as hers. He then walks away from the Heroine.

The Heroine then notices Waka passing by her and asks him about her "daily report". Waka does not understand what she is saying. He then scolds her on her seeming grogginess. Later, he addresses her and Ikki about their work situation for the day, then telling Ikki that he can only sympathize on a personal level before he can properly ask him a question.

Ukyo Reappears

Ukyo reappears before the Heroine.

When work is over, the Heroine walks alone in the rain on her way home, where she reflects on what Ikki told her earlier. Along the way, she encounters the green-haired man again, who greets her awkwardly. He asks whether she is currently dating Ikki. Then, he tells her that she should be careful about making enemies. Afterwards, he leaves.

Ikki With The Sick Heroine

Ikki tends to the ill Heroine in her apartment.

The Heroine later becomes ill and is unable to go to work that next day. Ikki hears about this and decides to pay her a visit. While on his way, while wearing a metallic mask that covers his entire face, he purchases medicines for the Heroine. He eventually arrives at her apartment. Inside, Ikki explains about his unusual "disguise" and offers to get her food, whatever it may be. Moreover, he admits that he would like for her to love him more when he gets the food that she wants. By morning, the Heroine feels much better. She reads a new text message from Ikki, where he says how he would like for her to feel better and that he already left breakfast near her refrigerator.

Washing Dishes

The two girls wash dishes in the Maid's Sheep.

Later, the Heroine goes back to work, where Waka scolds her for becoming ill despite his warnings. He forces her to go through a basic training workout. The Heroine ends up cleaning dishes with Mine. As they complete their tasks, Mine admits how she recently confessed to Ikki, only to be rejected. She gushes over how serious Ikki is about his relationship with the Heroine, given his response. Mine then says that she only wanted to give her report. Moreover, she says that she will be absent during their joint trip to the Shinano Mountains with the Billiard Association; this news surprises the Heroine as she recently went on the trip before.

The Heroine Talks On The Phone With Sawa

The Heroine speaks with Sawa over the cell phone.

At home, she speaks on her cell phone with Sawa about Ikki and his fangirls. Evidently, he has a fan club, whose president is the one hosting the trip to the Shinano Mountains. As they talk, Sawa apologizes for looking into the Heroine's love life. Moreover, she reveals how the Heroine once hated Ikki before suddenly joining his fan club, apparently because she wanted to look into something, and eventually she started to date him. The two then end their call shortly after.

The Heroine remembers her first encounter with the three women and Rika, causing her to wonder about what they were all saying to her at that time.

Ikki Calls The Heroine From Outside

A drunk Ikki calls the Heroine outside her apartment.

She then receives a phone call from a drunk Ikki. While Ikki is mindlessly talking, he indirectly reveals that he is outside the Heroine's apartment, which she confirms for herself when she goes out to her balcony; per Ikki's request, she continues to talk on the phone despite being able to see him. There, Ikki reveals how he normally feels distressed when the Heroine is not able to contact him in a way. He then says how a girl confessed to him again but he ended up making her cry when rejecting her. Ikki reveals how nonchalant he is about what happened; despite so, it feels heavy upon him, and the weight that he carries due to his eyes has made him into the womanizer that he has always been. However, seeing as how his eyes cannot affect the Heroine, despite that fact that he wants it to, Ikki finds her to be different than anyone else. He then thanks her for listening to him talk. Ikki then walks back to his home.

Sometime after, the Heroine joins her colleagues on a joint trip to the Shinano Mountains with several other parties. Their bus arrives at the hotel resort before nightfall.

Ikki Playing Pool

Ikki plays pool in the lounges.

In the lounges, Ikki plays pool with several of his fangirls fawning over his shots. He offers to teach one of them how to play and demonstrates with another shot. Before doing so, from simply mouthing the words, he tells the Heroine to watch him as he hits the balls on the pool table. After performing the action, he winks at the Heroine, while his fangirls continue to excite themselves over his play.

Spade Kissing The Rose

The couple about to kiss one another under the stars.

The Heroine later goes outside to sit on a bench. Ikki soon joins her and explains that he made his fangirls play a pool game, allowing him time away from them all. He brings the Heroine with him to the lake where they sit together on wooden benches, watching the stars; during which, they witness a shooting star fall from the sky. In light of this, Ikki reveals a memory from his childhood: once, he wished upon a shooting star, hoping that girls will end up liking him. Oddly enough, girls would eventually start treating him differently after the event, and Ikki finally realized what was happened by the time he was in middle school. Ikki reveals how this treatment began to effect him especially when dating women. Moreover, after three months, the woman that he dates would end up leaving him. He began to take relationships as though it were a type of game, until he met the Heroine, whom he gradually fell in love with. Ikki then kisses the Heroine. Later, another shooting star falls from the sky, which Ikki uses to wish for happiness with the Heroine. They then return back to the hotel resort.

Inside her room, the Heroine wonders why Ikki's past girlfriend have always left him after three months.

Crazed Fangirls Confront The Heroine

Rika and the three fangirls confront the Heroine.

Suddenly, one of Ikki's fangirls open the door and asks that she come with her. The Heroine is brought to the docks so that she can see Rika. Rika reminds the Heroine that she will not allow Ikki to be "monopolized". She then asks whether the Heroine has forgotten about her "daily reports", which she explains is about everything that she has done with Ikki in the day that they've spent together. Rika tells the Heroine that that was the deal for dating Ikki. She then requests that the Heroine reports her activities with Ikki from August 1st to then before taking her leave. However, the fangirl who approached the Heroine, plus two others, intimidate the Heroine about spending too much time with Ikki and they remind her that they all get to spend only three months with him. The Heroine questions this "rule" and is consequently pushed onto a boat, inadvertently causing a crack inside. The three fangirls then leave while the Heroine drifts into the waters.

Sinking Heroine

The Heroine sinks into the waters.

Orion then reappears before the Heroine, surprising her. She explains what she knows about Ikki's fan club and how, evidently, everyone in it can only date him for three months at a time. Orion is genuinely shocked by this and remarks on how, despite so, it does appear as though Ikki genuinely cares about the Heroine.

Suddenly, water begins to leak from the crack in the boat. The Heroine is startled at the sight of the rising water and, in her rashness, she stands up and moves towards the drier end of the boat. Her movements end up knocking the boat over and causing her to fall into the water. She begins sinking into its depths, unable to swim. Orion dives into the waters and tries reaching down for the Heroine's hand, so that he can pull her back up. However, his body begins to dissipate as he touches her, and eventually he disappears again. Shocked, the Heroine simply looks on at the boat while she continues to sink into the waters, moving further away from the surface.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Heroine
  2. Ikki
  3. Sawa
  4. Mine
  5. Kent (flashback)
  6. Waka
  7. Ukyo
  8. Rika
  9. Orion



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