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Air Date February 4, 2013
Opening Zoetrope
Ending Recall
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V is the fifth episode of the AMNEƧIA anime. It aired on February 4, 2013.

After several romantic attempts from Ikki, as well as unusual text messages asking for her "daily reports", it becomes evident that somehow Ikki is the Heroine's boyfriend, rather than Shin. The Heroine tries adjusting to this unexpected change but she finds herself at odds with his flirtatious ways. However, when both Sawa and Mine make remarks about his past girlfriends, then finally after Kent says that they all leave him after dating for three months, the Heroine discovers that she only has three weeks left to date Ikki. Moreover, a frustrated Ikki already seems willing to advance in their relationship.


Rika Speaks To Ikki & Heroine

Rika apologizes about the fangirls.

The Heroine and Ikki simply stare at the blonde woman before them, Rika. She walks up to the couple and apologizes for the previous disturbance made by Ikki's fangirls, despite being told by Ikki that is did not cause much trouble, and then Rika walks away. The Heroine watches as she leaves the premises and vaguely reflects on their past meetings.

Ikki quickly draws her attention towards him and asks what she would like to do. As the two stare at one another, he then asks whether his eyes would have an effect on her then; however, he then shrugs it off and admits that he knows it won't be able to do anything. He suggests that the two of them go see a movie together and offers to carry the Heroine's purse. Ikki ends up doing so before the Heroine is able to him an actual response.

Ikki Holds The Heroine's Hand

Ikki holds the Heroine's hand during the movie.

At the movie theater, surrounded by crowds of people, Ikki asks the Heroine whether it bothers her. After hearing her feeble response, he then comments on her unusual behavior since that morning, though the Heroine does not comment on it. Ikki then breaks away from the Heroine so that he can purchase the movie tickets. He ends up purchasing some for a romantic drama and the two watch it together. As they watch the movie, the Heroine reflects on what she learned earlier that morning, initially wondering whether time has been reversed. After concluding that it is not the issue, she wonders what else it could be. She then notices Ikki caressing her hand and blushes, upon their two eyes locking contact. Ikki then lets go. Eventually, the movie ends and the two are left as the only people in the theater. Ikki faces the Heroine and expresses his feelings about how his "condition" affects their relationship in many ways. As the Heroine wonders what Ikki's condition could be, they are requested by a movie theater employee to leave so that the area could be cleaned up.

Drinks After Movie

The two have drinks in a cafe after the movie is over.

The two leave to have drinks nearby. While seemingly alone, Ikki tries chatting with the Heroine about the movie, though she is mostly quiet and does not say much. Ikki quickly notices a group of his fangirls waiting outside. Upon this revelation, he offers to take the Heroine home, adding that they both have to go to work in the morning; upon hearing this, the Heroine becomes worried about whether she works and what she will be doing. Ikki quickly picks up on her concerned expression and, after a light-hearted joke, asks what she would want him to do to make up for their lost time earlier. The Heroine considers the request before asking that Ikki take her to her work in the morning. Ikki obliges, though he comments on how unusual it is that she would ask him something such as that.

Orion Reappears

Orion appears before the Heroine again in her bedroom.

Eventually, the Heroine returns home, where she lies on her bed and wonders what her relationship is with Ikki. She then starts to lament on the fact that Orion has seemingly left her. As time passes, Orion somehow manages to manifest in the Heroine's bedroom, surprising but also elating the Heroine. She attempts to ask him a question though she ends up letting him speak first. Orion explains that her situation is much different than how it was before, and that it appears that she is in a different world, though it is likely that she could now be in the "real world". The Heroine, however, cannot understand what Orion is saying. Before Orion can say anything more about the Heroine's situation, suddenly, he disappears, leaving the Heroine alone in her room. She fruitless calls out for him.

Mysterious Text

The mysterious text message from the anonymous person.

The Heroine's cell phone suddenly starts to vibrate which indicates a new text message. She checks it and sees that Ikki had just sent her a new text message, where he reveals his suspicions about her new behavior and asks whether she is feeling alright. A new text message is sent moments after. This time, however, it is from an anonymous person asking about the Heroine's "daily report", which she assumes is work-related. The Heroine drops down on her knees and sighs over how confusing things are becoming for her.

The following morning, the Heroine answers her ringing cell phone, only to find Ikki on the other end telling her that he has already arrived at her apartment. This news motivates the Heroine to get dressed so that she can greet Ikki outside. Ikki greets her and explains why he has arrived so early. He then offers to carry her purse again as they go to her work.

Ikki At Work

Ikki serves drinks while at work.

As it turns out, both of them work together at the Maid's Sheep. The Heroine gets dressed in her uniform and then she goes to greet Waka, who intimidates her with his unusually loud and harsh voice, which she notes is another different thing about him. Ikki pulls her aside and admits how surprised he is that she is able to talk to the manager with such ease and friendliness. Eventually, both start work in the cafe. During this period, Ikki orders the "maid's parfait" from the Heroine, whom he also helps guide when making the dish. Later, while serving drinks to blushing girls, one of them confesses her feelings for him and asks whether he has a girlfriend. The Heroine watches from afar in amazement at how Ikki's eyes could have so much effect on others.

After work, both the Heroine and Ikki head out the back door, where they see some of the latter's fangirls waiting for him. Ikki puts on his sunglasses and tells the Heroine to wait at the "usual place", before leaving with the fangirls.

Heroine With Ikki

The Heroine stares at Ikki while he talks about their relationship.

Unfortunately, the Heroine does not know where she should go, so she instead continues to wait there. Ikki later calls her and is informed of her location, so he decides to go back. By the time he returns, it is already night. He tells the Heroine that she has been acting strange since yesterday but he never got a chance to ask, especially when she had asked him to take her to work. Moreover, Ikki tells her that she can rely on him, otherwise her "boyfriend". This fact worries the Heroine since she does not know what is the truth for her. Ikki notes how quiet she is, which he is told is nothing to concern himself with, and he suggests that they go home.

Ikki Pins Against The Heroine

Ikki prepares to kiss the Heroine.

The two eventually arrive at the Heroine's apartment. There, while the Heroine leans back on a concrete wall, Ikki presses himself against her and tries to kiss the Heroine. However, since she cannot close her eyes and is seemingly rejecting his motives, especially after she tells him to stop, he decides not to kiss her. He laments on how the "princess" cannot fall for him and that he must be conceited to have thought otherwise before. Ikki continues talking before he finally hands back the Heroine's purse and leaves, muttering about how there is only "one month left". As he walks away, the Heroine receives another text message, which is the same thing that she got from the anonymous person from before.

Sawa Warns The Heroine

Sawa warns the Heroine about Ikki.

While the Heroine is working that next day, Sawa arrives at the Maid's Sheep as a customer, with the Heroine herself as her waitress. As the two chat briefly, they hear Ikki's fangirls fawning over him, annoying Sawa. She requests to speak with the Heroine later. When they have a moment alone outside, Sawa reveals that she did her research on a rumor about Ikki, and it appears as though he dates women before breaking up with them after three months. Sawa warns the Heroine that he should not be someone to fall in love with. She then goes on her way.

Not long after, Mine arrives and greets the Heroine. Noticing that she appears different, Mine asks whether she has already broken up with Ikki, knowing it is "around that time", and then she asks whether it is alright to go after Ikki herself. She does not wait for the Heroine to reply and simply goes inside the cafe with a cheerful mind.

Heroine Sees Ikki & Kent

The Heroine sees Ikki and Kent outside after work.

That evening, work ends and everyone prepares to go home. The Heroine leaves through the back door and finds Ikki with Kent. After hearing them talk and seemingly prepare to fight one another, she runs towards them, shouting that they stop, though she ends up falling down and hitting her head. The Heroine is later brought to Ikki's apartment where she is given an ice pack for her head. As it turns out, Ikki and Kent were only going to give each other new sudoku puzzles, surprising her.

The Three In Ikki's Bedroom

Both men and the Heroine altogether in the bedroom.

While the three of them are in Ikki's bedroom, Kent quickly realizes that it is the Heroine's first time there, and he quickly deduces that Ikki must have been "fighting" a lot for someone like her, who evidently cannot be swayed by Ikki. Ikki responds by saying that they still have three weeks left. He then hands over his sudoku puzzle to Kent before he gets them all drinks from the kitchen. Alone with Kent, whom the Heroine realizes is Ikki's friend, she attempts to speak about her relationship with Ikki. She does not get a chance to say much though she learns from Kent also that Ikki's relationships normally last three months, like Sawa said. Ikki later returns with coffee and finds that Kent has already solved his sudoku puzzle, astonishing him. The three then drink their coffees.

Later, Kent takes his leave, with the Heroine planning to go as well. She is stopped by Ikki who asks whether she is actually staying overnight. The Heroine finds herself at a loss of words.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Rika
  2. Ikki
  3. Heroine
  4. Orion
  5. Waka
  6. Sawa
  7. Mine
  8. Kent



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