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Ukyo Visual Novel
Kanji ウキョウ
Rōmaji Ukyō
Alias Shinigami
Race Human
Age 24
Birthday March 3rd
Horoscope Pisces
Height 185 cm (6'1")
Gender Male
Eyes Green
Hair Green
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation Photographer
Personal Status
Status Alive (Deceased in Anime, revived when his wish was granted)
Route Joker
First Appearance
Visual Novel AMNEƧIA
Anime I
Seiyū Kōki Miyata
Patrick Poole (English)
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Ukyo (ウキョウ, Ukyō) is a famous photographer. He is the Heroine's boyfriend in the Joker world but also her real boyfriend as it appears at episodes 11 - 12.


Ukyo is a tall, slim young man with waist-length green hair and green eyes. His bangs fall freely over his face, down to his cheeks, as well as a long braid on the right side, held together using a white hairband. He typically has a solemn expression. However, when taken over by his more maddened and twisted personality, Ukyo develops dark lines under his eyes and he tends to grin very widely.

Over his head, he wears a black hat with a short brim. On the tip of the crown is a white streak. The band around the crown is patterned with black-and-white diamonds.

He wears a wrinkled, somewhat unbuttoned brown shirt with a long, loosely tied black necktie around the collar, of which there is a silver pin down the middle. Over this, Ukyo dons a long-sleeved, black jacket left open. On his right, near the shoulders, there are three square-shaped silver studs attached to his jacket. Likewise, on his jacket's left, there are also square-shaped silver studs running down vertically. Ukyo's entire left jacket sleeve is patterned with black-and-white diamonds and a similarly-designed patch of cloth is designed on his right side, below the collar, placed parallel to the three studs on the other end. On his patterned sleeve, there is a black cloth wrapped around his upper bicep. Around Ukyo's waist is a black skirt with a diagonal cut, leaving it somewhat short on its left. On the right, there are also three square-shaped silver studs pinned near the cloth's line. Over this, there is a long, cape-like cloth hanging over the back of his legs, styled with the longer end stretching diagonally towards the right. It is black with a lavender inner lining. Underneath it all, Ukyo wears tight black pants over heeled black shoes.


He has a dissociative disorder that causes rifts in his identity. One portion of his personality is kind and gentle, while the other is menacing, bitter, and aggressive.

The kind and caring one is officially referred to as OmoteUkyo (表ウキョウ) "surface Ukyo" while his other dangerous self is referred to as UraUkyo (裏ウキョウ) "under Ukyo" or "other Ukyo". They differ quite greatly in terms of hobbies, likes and dislikes, and especially in the way they think.

OmoteUkyo's personality is based more on emotion or the heart, while UraUkyo's personality is based on logic or the mind. While both are separate, they represent original aspects of Ukyo, and it is suggested that over time, the two personalities might fuse.

Ukyo can be a "crybaby" at times (or so he says himself), crying when he is feeling intensely emotional. However, it is never without good reason. He cries only when he dreams that he has lost the heroine or in joy of having found his dear grandfather's mansion intact after 15 years.

Ukyo has little to no regard for his well being, leading to a lot of self-sacrificial actions. UraUkyo tends to be more self-sufficient, doing all the cleaning, laundry and shopping for himself, leading to many arguments between the two.


Visual NovelEdit


Ukyo plays an important and supportive role for each route in the game. He appears to know Shin, Ikki, Kent, and Toma even though they never interact with him that much.

Heart's Route Edit

In this route, he was one of the witnesses during the Shinano incident and he re-visits with other witnesses to that same trip for three days to investigate. In the Good Ending, he disappears without a trace. In one of the bad endings, if the Heroine spends the night with either Ukyo or Sawa at the villa, UraUkyo kills her with a knife.

Spade's Route Edit

In this route, Ukyo introduces himself to the heroine on August 11, asking if she remembers him. He also asks the heroine whom she's dating and warns her that she should be careful not to get resented by anyone. On August 18, Ukyo came to warn her again that he wants her to be extra cautious during the trip. Somehow, he can sense the danger waiting ahead of her, and she needs to be careful of people who "get along" with her. Ukyo doesn't care if she thinks he's a stalker or something for knowing her detailed schedule. He only wants her to survive, because he knows a certain someone thinks of her as a nuisance. Ukyo admits that he will put her in danger, too, if he stays too close, so he won't come to see her again from now on.

Clover's RouteEdit

Ukyo is seen in this route after bumping into the Heroine at August 9. He tells her to hurry home as it is dangerous to walk alone at night, however his personality changes and he muses about how she is dating Kent this time. He goes on to say something very strange about how she won't be dying easily "this time" and how it would be his turn to kill her. Ukyo returns back to his normal self and told her that she should forget what happened, warning her again that she shouldn't walk alone at night anymore, then walks away.

Ukyo reappears on August 17, seeing the heroine with Kent. Ukyo is referred by Orion as the "reaper man" to which Kent also notices. Kent warns Ukyo not to get close to the heroine anymore or else he'll call the cops. Ukyo agrees to Kent's vigilance and suggested he continues his alertness to protect the heroine. Ukyo, then says "I hope you find happiness." to the heroine and disappears.

On August 27, Mine tells the Heroine and Kent about a man matching Ukyo's description falling to his death from an apartment rooftop.

Diamond's RouteEdit

Ukyo meets the heroine on August 7, asking if she's dating Toma now. When the heroine answers a yes, UraUkyo surfaces and tells the heroine that she'll die either way thanks to Toma's wish coming true (most likely pertaining to Toma's possessive wish). UraUkyo then laughs evilly and then walks away.

Ukyo appears again on August 10, briefly as his original personality, as soon as the heroine runs away from him, UraUkyo surfaces to say that Toma is not the heroine's boyfriend.

Later on August 24th the heroine escapes from Toma's house only to get lost and bump into UraUkyo on the road. He offers to help the heroine, but if the player accepts his help, it leads to a bad ending where he drowns her in the old shrine's well.

Joker's RouteEdit

As he struggles with his dual personalities, Ukyo tries to keep the heroine safe from the Joker World. The world is attempting to kill her, as her fate was to die on August 25th, and UraUkyo tries to kill her, himself, in order to survive. But Ukyo stabs himself in the chest to save the Heroine, and Neil then reverses time to save Ukyo. Ukyo and the Heroine are returned to their original world, though Nhil and Orion are punished for their actions and they become humans.


Though OmoteUkyo still does not trust his other self, UraUkyo reveals to the heroine that he does love the heroine as well and tells her as such in his usual menacing way. He didn't want to kill her now that there's no point to it, so he won't harm her anymore. The heroine slowly comes to terms with him and accepts the other Ukyo, saying that Ukyo is Ukyo. It doesn't matter which side of him, she will still love him.



These events happened after the incident with the water balloons and Ikki's fan club. The heroine feels like someone is watching her. On the next day while working, the heroine meets Rika's brother, who asks her, if she wants to be his model. At that moment, Ukyo appears and declares that she is already his model and he doesn't want to hand her over to anyone else. A couple days after, the heroine gets kidnapped by Rika's brother, who is controlled by the world, which wants her dead. Fortunately, she's saved by Ukyo with the help of Rika and the others.

Love: After Story

Ukyo asks the heroine if she wants to be his model for a few pages for his photo book. She agrees as the both of them went to a photo studio. Ukyo introduces the heroine as his girlfriend, which turns into a gossip regarding their wedding. This rumor also reaches Meido no Hitsuji. When Ukyo came as usual, the other guys and the manager started questioning him about the rumor. The manager even points out that Ukyo has started doing more dangerous jobs, which must mean he's saving money for the heroine. Ukyo asks if it is that obvious and the manager promises him that no one is going to ruin the surprise for the heroine. After that, there are other events that lead to the heroine getting close to UraUkyo.

Three years after the heroine graduates from the university, Ukyo proposes to her under the cherry tree where he first tried to take a photo of her and the sky. The official wedding ceremony is held with OmoteUkyo but there was another ceremony at night, which is held with UraUkyo and a second ring.


In the anime, Ukyo has the same supportive, yet major, role where he saves and advises the heroine on different worlds. In Shin, Ikki and Kent's World, Uyko was merely giving warnings with regards to impending dangers to the heroine's life, however, starting at Toma's world, UraUkyo began to surface. He violently grabbed the heroine's wrist and threatened her that she's going to get killed. This scene is witnessed by Toma. Not wanting to be caught, UraUkyo runs away, leaving the heroine and Toma, alone. Then, while the heroine was hospitalized, UraUkyo carried the heroine's sleeping body to the hospital's rooftop. There, he first told the heroine how stupid she is as she still dies after all the warnings he gave her, and that he still loved her. As the heroine mistakes him for Toma, UraUkyo drops her body from the rooftop. 

When the heroine shifts to Ukyo's world, the Heroine is faced by death-dealing situations to which Ukyo always warns her whenever it happens. Ukyo warns her about not going to the University to which the heroine follows. Ukyo notices the similarities of the events that are happening that made him assume that the world that he and the heroine is in is Ukyo's original world. After saving the heroine from various accidents, Ukyo finally knows that the world they are in is trying to kill the heroine. When the water pipe at the Meido no Hitsuji broke, to which Ukyo "guessed" right, Ukyo asks the heroine if he can walk together with her. Both of them conversed with each other where Ukyo held her hand out of habit. When the heroine refused his hand and asked if they held hands before, he finally realizes that the heroine doesn't remember him, to which he felt sorrow. On the railroad, when the heroine was about to cross, her heel gets stuck on the rails and an incoming train to which she was saved by Ukyo. Here, Ukyo confesses to her with regards to how the world is trying to kill her and that he is the heroine's boyfriend.  

Ukyo reminisces the time they first met where in she helped the heroine when she got lost in the town he used to live in. Then he narrates their second meeting was when he started working at the city and met the heroine at her University. He states how happy he was at that time. He thinks that "this time" will be the last time for him to protect her and "this time" for sure, he would save her. The heroine then asks what Ukyo meant about how the world is trying to kill her. Ukyo examples the time in the railroad and how such incidents will follow her. Noticing how she couldn't believe him, Ukyo just warns her about the well near the shrine. He describes how the bottom of the well was like a swamp with mud and stagnant water. He details the story on how cold it was, as if he already fell, after cowering down and clenching his hat. He recovers from the fear and tells the heroine that he'll guide her through August 25th. Ukyo also clarifies that he can't see the future nor is it a prophecy or premonition, but, instead, he has already experienced different futures to which the heroine is surprised. After separating from the heroine, Ukyo is seen in a back alley where he talks about how the world is trying to kill the heroine because he saved her on August 1. UraUkyo appears and comments how it was a good thing and it's now the heroine's turn to be the target of elimination. OmoteUkyo argues and tells him to begone while stating that he won't let the heroine die. 

The heroine sees Ukyo sleeping on a grass field. Awoken by the heroine's voice, Ukyo gets up and holds his head in pain. UraUkyo curses how he's stuck in "this world" and notices the heroine in front of him. He grabs her violently on the torso and shouts to her how it was her fault; that if it weren't for her, he'd be the one living in "this world". OmoteUkyo, then, resurfaces and lets her go, asking if she's alright as well as telling her to be wary of him. At a park while using a drinking fountain, Ukyo is threatened by thugs who're asking for his money. UraUkyo finishes them off and obtains a knife from the thugs. Ukyo calls the heroine through phone, telling her that there's something that he wants to say to her. They meet each other at the shrine where UraUkyo tricked her to come and tried to push her in the well. UraUkyo emphasizes how he's felt the fear of death over and over. As she pushes the heroine, OmoteUkyo controls his left arm and slashes his right arm. OmoteUkyo recovers his body and helps the heroine up. OmoteUkyo tells her to stay away from him and tells himself not to meet her anymore as he throws the knife away in the well. However, he still warns of incidents that might happen through phone. On the night of August 24th, Ukyo calls the heroine and tells her not to go out of her house on the 25th since the world will give its all to kill her on that day. He also warns the heroine not to trust him anymore after the call. Here, he confesses to the heroine how he has lost count of the number of times he's met her and lost her but he still loves her. After telling this, he cuts the call and cries. 

During the storm on August 25th, Ukyo messages the heroine on how he'll have to disappear to ensure the heroine's survival. He announces that he'll be in the University to spend his last moments with his memory of the heroine. When the heroine arrives at the University, she is greeted by UraUkyo saying that she's naive. He holds out a knife and tries to kill the heroine. He follows her to a theater-like hall to which he holds out a torch and burns the place. While the heroine was trying to unlock the door, a window shatters above them where OmoteUkyo regains his consciousness. OmoteUkyo discloses to the heroine the fact that on August 1st, she had an accident in the University to which she was in a coma 'til the 25th, where in she died. Ukyo couldn't accept her death and traveled to worlds where she lived. However, anomalies were to be eliminated in the other worlds and Ukyo was an anomaly since he never existed in those worlds. UraUkyo resurfaces and tells this to the heroine. He tries to catch her and kill her but is stopped by OmoteUkyo. Both of the personalities hold an argument where OmoteUkyo wants the heroine to live while UraUkyo states the times he's tasted death just to let her live. How it was hellish and cruel to die again and again. Here, Ukyo admits to killing the heroine over and over just to let himself live. It was cruel for him, too, as the killer since there was no easy way to die. UraUkyo says that OmoteUkyo cried in guilt as he killed her and moved to other worlds. The chase resumed as a burning log fell down between them. UraUkyo caught up to the heroine, who was on the rooftop's entrance. He grabs the struggling heroine and tries to stab her one last time. However, OmoteUkyo intervened and stabbed his own body, instead. OmoteUkyo's last confession to the heroine was how it was due to his selfish wish, to want to see the heroine smile for him, that caused him to kill her; That he was lonely when the heroine was smiling and laughing for someone else. Ukyo dies on midnight as his wish of seeing the heroine live through 25th comes true. 

Skills and TalentsEdit

Ukyo is a professional photographer. He has been hired by magazine editors to post his photos on magazines.

He is also affiliated in many clubs such as: triathalon, cheerleading, hula dance, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, kabaddi, dance, art, riding, debate, and about 15 others.

OmoteUkyo's hobbies include collecting underwear and braiding while UraUkyo's hobbies include cleaning.


Ukyo carries some self-defense weapons around with him. Wire, stun gun, pepper spray, handcuffs, dagger etc. He tried to give them to the heroine once so that she can defend herself from him.



Ukyo is the heroine's boyfriend in the Joker world. Ever since Neil decided to help him grant his wish of seeing the heroine live past August 25th, he has traveled to many different worlds, including Shin's, Toma's, Kent's and Ikki's worlds, to look out for her and warn her of danger. Ukyo works hard to control his other murderous split personality as he doesn't want to kill her. 


"I have lost count of the number of times I've met you and lost you. But even now... I still...still love you." - Episode 11 (17:39)

" You don't remember me do you ?." (=)

"While I was traveling,searching for you, I died again, and I finally realized: a world where you and I can both live doesn't exist. "(=)

"Even thought I knew I had to give up,I want to see you. I want you to smile for me one more time." (=)

"Its dangerous to be alone with me any longer. Of all the dangers that could befall you, I'm the most dangerous..(=)

"The more you struggle, the more you sink, until you can't breathe anymore. Do you know what that feels like."(=)

"There's only one way to save you. I have to disappear from his world. Let my wish for you to survive come true."


  • Due to OmoteUkyo's distrust of UraUkyo, on the month of August, he always slept outside in public areas which gave people the impression that he was homeless. This is so that if he ever wakes up violent, there would be people in the public to stop him. But in truth, he actually hates sleeping outdoors.
  • He sleeps really badly. Sometimes accidentally rolling into ponds and rivers while sleeping.
  • His house has no furniture because he travels often. It was unnecessary and troublesome to buy furniture again and again.
  • He uses his clothing trunk as a table.
  • While he is completely aware of Ura Ukyo, the two don't share experiences. The two communicate via note. Through this, it's discovered UraUkyo lives a much more clean lifestyle than OmoteUkyo, who is quite messy. This leads the two to bicker back and forth through notes.
  • He has been to many countries like Chile, France, Japan, etc.. He's been travelling for 15 years since he was a child. He never stayed more than a few years in each country.
  • There was a time when he had to borrow a calculator just to solve a simple arithmetic problem. It was due to his frequent travels that his studies suffered greatly.
  • He writes love poetry at the back of his diary. The love poetry, depending on how you look at it, is either touching or quite terrible. He has been teased for it in the drama CD Galactic Detective Ukyo (Part 1).



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