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Toma Visual Novel
Kanji トーマ
Rōmaji Tōma
Alias Master Blacksmith
Race Human
Age 20
Birthday April 12
Horoscope Aries
Height 181 cm (5'11")
Gender Male
Eyes Orange
Hair Blond
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation Maid's Sheep Heart/Clover/Diamond/Joker's Route only
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Heroine (Step Sister) Spade's Route only
Route Diamond
First Appearance
Visual Novel AMNEƧIA
Anime I
Seiyū Satoshi Hino
Christopher Ayres (English)
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Toma (トーマ, Tōma) is a childhood friend of Heroine.


He is a tall, lean-built young man with short, spiky blond hair and orange eyes.

Toma wears a black-and-orange, long-sleeved shirt that is horizontally striped. His left sleeve, however, is completely black and is ragged on the ends. Over this, Toma wears a short-sleeved black jacket with distinctive white lines running across on both sides. On his left, over the front of the jacket, there is a marking resembling a set of three white rings with a matching-colored diamond inside the smallest one. Around the outer rings are the words, "Non potrei vivere senza di te," which is Italian for, "I could not live without you." On the other front of Toma's jacket are four silver studs, a lined in a squared formation, and over on his right sleeve, there is a belt-like strap attached with a squared, silver buckle consisting of a single prong, and a set of silver diamond-like studs running across one end to the other. The strap itself is made of a black cloth. Toma's jacket collar is left open and it has four openings, encircled by silver ringlets. The inner lining is plaited with green, dark green and white.[1] However, it can also be plain green.[2] Below, Toma wears form-fitting black pants over black heeled shoes, adorned with two belt straps, each attached with a silver ring. His pants are held up by a black-and-white diamond-patterned belt. Furthermore, a ragged yellow cloth is worn around Toma's waist in a fashion similar to a sash.[1]

Toma usually wears a black hairband with four, golden-colored diamond markings on it.


Toma is a very laid-back and relaxed person, he treats both Heroine and Shin like they are younger siblings, and has many traits of an older brother.

Episode 9- AMNESIA

Toma adding the stuffed toys in the cage he locked the Heroine in.

He, like all the others, cares deeply for Heroine. In his route, Toma has a dark personality that which results in him lying to Heroine about him being her boyfriend after he took her to the hospital. He used it as an advantage to keep her inside of his home, and he kept this from everyone including Shin. At first he drugged her food and drinks which caused her to sleep throughout the day, but after she found out about this and tried to escape he caught her and then he locked her in a cage and left stuffed toys to try and keep her more comfortable. In Shin's route, he was jealous of him because he dated Heroine. However, Toma is also wracked with self-guilt over his wrongdoings due to his own fear of losing Heroine and allowing her to get hurt, convincing himself of his actions by saying it is for her protection. After he realises Heroine's true feelings, he is also seen to show utter remorse, to the point where he allows Heroine to chain him up and lock himself inside the same cage to make amends.



Visual NovelEdit


Heart's RouteEdit

In this route, at first, he started as a supported character and helped the Heroine while Shin was taken by the police for questions, and when he was in preschool. If the player chooses it was him who caused her fall, he will be an antagonist at the end. He admits he lost, ever since a long time ago, and that he is always trying to protect the heroine from getting hurt. After watching her first live concert, he prayed that her performance could get better the next year. When he saw how much she improved the following year, Toma thought his wish had been granted, but upon seeing her thanking Shin so happily, he was brought back to reality. Toma also admits that before she started dating Shin, he asked her to go out several times. He said it jokingly because he was afraid she would avoid him after that, and his feelings remained unnoticed. Toma doesn't have enough courage to get out of the "childhood friend" stage, and Shin can't hand the Heroine to him for that reason. He decide to turns himself in to the police because of what he did.

Spade's RouteEdit

In the Spade's Route, Toma is a step brother of the Heroine since his mother had married her father. He will respect the decisions she make. 

Diamond's RouteEdit

At first Toma is seen as a kind, caring childhood friend who is always worrying for Heroine and Shin as they were younger; however, through the course of the story his behaviour starts to become increasingly more troubling, as he becomes stricter and slightly aggressive to Heroine, going as far as to use very questionable methods to keep her from leaving his house.

August 1st, while trying to return Heroine to her world, Orion and Heroine are forced to make an emergency landing outside her home. Toma is there when they land, and runs to Heroine when she falls, concerned for her. Heroine is immediately hit with a returning memory of she and Toma as children; young Toma found her when she was lost, and promised to protect her and take her home. The impact of the returning memory is strong enough that Heroine and Orion are immediately separated enough that she can only hear him, but not see him. Concerned that she may have hit her head in the fall, Toma takes Heroine to the hospital, ignoring her protests that she is fine. Toma provides the hospital with all the information they need, and when a nurse assumes that he's her boyfriend, Toma corrects her to say that he is not. Heroine is confined to the hospital until tests can be run; due to technical issues, the tests are not able to be completed for several days. Toma stops by every day to check on her, but at the nurse's request, doesn't stay for long.

August 4th, due to lack of stimulation, Heroine's condition deteriorates to the point that she can again see Orion. The tests are completed that day, and Toma picks Heroine up and takes her home. Toma checks her mail for her (reporting that there is none), and gives Heroine a new cell phone that he bought for her (citing that hers was broken in her fall). Going by what the hospital staff had told him, and by how formal she is with him, Toma guesses that Heroine is having problems remembering things; he tells her that if things don't improve in a few days, he'll take her back to the hospital. Toma calls Shin, a childhood friend, and informs him of Heroine's fall and memory troubles, and Shin comes to Heroine's home to check on her. Upset that Toma didn't inform him of Heroine's accident, Shin offers to stay over with her, but Heroine declines the offer. Toma lets Heroine know that he's requested tomorrow off from work for her, and both Shin and Toma leave.

August 5th, Orion and Heroine investigate her home. Her new phone reveals the name of possible friends, as Toma had input her contacts for her; a planner reveals that Heroine had met up with an 'Ikki' many times (several times at the 'back alley'), and Orion postulates that Ikki might be her boyfriend. Toma comes to visit, and Heroine asks him to take her to the 'back alley,' and he agrees. They walk to the back alley, and Heroine remembers talking to someone about a boy she liked. Toma panics when Heroine has a dizzy spell, leaning over her and calling to her frantically. Heroine asks Toma if she liked him, and he tells her yes, and reveals that they were a couple. Heroine faints, and Toma takes her home.

August 6th, Heroine wakes finally and finds that Toma has watched over her all night. Once he's reassured that Heroine is alright, Toma falls asleep at her bedside, and Heroine falls asleep again as well. Heroine wakes later to a worried text from Shin, asking if she is okay. Shin also asks her what's going on with Toma, as she had said recently that she didn't want to see him. The text notification wakes Toma, who then makes a run to the store to get food for them both. While he's gone, Heroine finds her laptop, but is unable to check it due to both the battery and power cord being missing. Toma leaves, advising her to stay inside.

August 7th, Toma walks Heroine to work. Once at the Maid's Sheep cafe, Toma speaks with the manager and asks that he give Heroine some time off work due to her multiple collapses; the manager asks for Heroine's opinion, and then grants her the time off. Toma heads into the cafe office to speak with her co-workers, and Heroine goes outside to wait for him. While waiting for him, she runs into a young man who seems to know her, and he asks if she's dating Toma; when she says yes, he smirks, tells her that she is going to be killed, and runs off laughing. Toma walks Heroine home, where an 'accident' happens; Toma barely manages to save her from a falling flower pot. Toma runs off to find the person who dropped it, but is unable to, and takes her inside quickly. Heroine asks Toma if 'Ikki' is one of her co-workers, since the back alley was near the cafe, and Toma confirms that he is. Toma goes once more to look for the culprit who dropped the flower pot, but returns unable to, and direct delivers her mail from her mailbox to her. He warns her to stay inside, and leaves for the day. Afterwards, Orion wonders if Heroine was dating two different guys, since Toma said that they were dating, but Heroine was also meeting Ikki regularly.

August 8th, Heroine gets up early and checks her mail; she is shocked to discover her mailbox has been stuffed with rotten eggs and dead bugs, and runs back inside immediately. Heroine gets a text message from 'Sawa,' a coworker at the cafe, who asks if she is alright, and tells her that Ikki is worried about her. Wanting to meet Ikki, Heroine decides to go visit the cafe, although she's afraid of going by her mailbox again. On the way out, she runs into Toma, who wanted to check on her; she tells him that she wants to see Ikki, and he agrees to walk her to the cafe. When they pass Heroine's mailbox, however, Heroine notes that the mailbox has been cleaned up already. As they are waiting for a passing train on the way to the cafe, Heroine is pushed by someone; Toma manages to catch and save her. Afraid for her safety, Toma takes her back home immediately. There, Heroine tells Toma about the strange man who seemed to have threatened her outside the cafe. Worried that Heroine is being targeted by the man, and afraid that the police wouldn't be able to help her, Toma orders Heroine to pack for a few days and stay with him. Toma takes her to his home, where he lives alone; he apologizes for forcing her to come, but tells her to treat his home as her own home. While he retires to his computer for the evening, Heroine explores the room, and finds a photo album full of pictures of Toma, Shin, and Heroine as children. One of the pictures triggers a memory of the three of them as kids; Heroine had broken a toy, and Toma comforted her while Shin tried to fix it for her. Heroine remembers that she had pretended to cry even after she felt better, enjoying Toma's comfort. Heroine falls asleep immediately after; Toma carries her to his bed, and sleeps on the floor himself.

August 9th, Toma goes shopping, leaving Heroine alone in the house. Heroine uses the time to search for more photo albums, but isn't able to find any. Instead, she plays one of Toma's games while waiting for him. When he returns, Heroine asks for a spare key, but Toma says his parents have his, and he'll have to have one made tomorrow. Toma says that he's going to borrow her house key, so he can check out her home tomorrow as well. When they discuss sleeping arrangements, Heroine has a brief memory of seeing Toma, but nothing else.

August 10th, Heroine wakes alone. Orion notes that on the way to Toma's house, they passed the same street from the memory Heroine recovered of being lost, and they decided to go investigate it in hopes of retrieving another memory. Once there, Heroine once again encounters the man who had warned her about being killed. He apologizes for the other day, and asks to talk, but Heroine runs away. As she's running, the man smirks and tells her that the man she's with isn't her boyfriend, and that the man lying to her will kill her. Back at Toma's house, Toma returns and gives her a spare key he had made, reporting that there was nothing at her house.

August 11th, Heroine wakes first. When Orion notes that Toma's blanket is slipping, she reaches over to fix it; half asleep, Toma takes her wrist and pulls her down to lay with him. This prompts a memory of when they were young, and Heroine had trouble sleeping during nap period, to the point that Toma came over from his class to lay with her. Toma wakes and apologizes for grabbing her, saying that he had been dreaming of when they were kids. He tells her that he is going to check her place, and tells her to get dressed before he returns, as being in her pajamas with him is dangerous. Toma returns two hours later, reporting that he didn't find anything at her house.

August 12th, Heroine wakes first, as Toma start up late writing a report. She decides to go check on her house before he wakes. Her mailbox is still clean when she checks, and when she gets inside, she finds the battery for her laptop. When she turns it on to check her email, she finds multiple threatening emails, as well as emails propositioning her for bad things; Orion notes that all of the emails address her specifically, and are not spam. Orion notes that the oldest email is from the day before, and from just before Toma returned to his place, and he postulates that Toma might be coming over every day to erase the emails; he also wonders if Toma has been cleaning up her mailbox every day. Afraid that Toma will find out that they uncovered his secret activities, Heroine only looks around her home quickly (finding a diary amongst her textbooks), and returns to Toma's house. She runs into Toma right as he's leaving his place; worried, Toma asks her not to leave again without telling him.

August 13th, Toma takes Heroine out to get supplies. They stop at a few stores, most of which are short, unmemorable visits; Toma gets thoroughly embarrassed, however, when the staff at the lingerie store try to get Toma's opinion on all sorts of lingerie for Heroine. After they're finished and on their way back, Heroine is attacked; a woman pulls scissors from her purse and cuts off a chunk of Heroine's hair. Orion tries to warn Heroine, and Toma tries to catch the woman, but both are too slow; Toma opts to stay with Heroine rather than chase the woman, and immediately takes her back to his house. After assessing the damage, Toma swears to protect Heroine and let no one else hurt her.

August 14th, Toma has to leave Heroine alone to speak with a professor. When Orion wonders what Toma is studying, Heroine receives a memory of Toma talking about studying law, and wondering if he and Heroine could attend lectures together if she went to his university. After, they decide to go check on Heroine's house while Toma is gone, wanting to learn more about the current situation and dangers to Heroine. Orion has Heroine hide while he scopes out her mailbox and the outside of her home; he finds her mailbox full of squid ink, and her front door covered with threats and nasty rumors about her. Heroine is on her way back to Toma's house when she actually runs into Toma. Toma becomes very angry that she's left his house; he shouts at her and grabs her forcefully by the wrist, his grip painful as he drags her back to his house. Once there, he yells at her about disregarding his orders and her safety. Toma orders her not to talk to him because he's angry, and doesn't speak to her until bedtime. As Heroine is laying down, he orders her to come to him, and asks her if she likes him; when she responds, he tells her that her feelings are probably supposed to be for someone else. He tells her he doesn't like to see her sad or hurting, that he wants to see her happy, and if he can achieve that, he doesn't care if she hates him.

August 15th-17th Heroine finds herself sleeping day in and day out, waking only in the mornings and evenings for Toma to feed her. It isn't until evening on the 17th that Orion realizes that Toma is drugging her food, and he warns Heroine not to eat anything he gives her as soon as she begins to awaken. Before she can come up with a reason to reject dinner, Shin arrives, knocking on Toma's door and forcing his way in immediately. Worried that Heroine had not been home for several days, Shin had come to ask Toma about her. Shin is angry that Toma has been secretly keeping Heroine at his house, and he doesn't believe Toma when he says that Heroine has consented to stay at his place; Shin cites that, previously, Heroine had said that she didn't want to see Toma. Toma takes Shin outside to explain his reasoning for keeping Heroine at his house; he tells Heroine that if she tries to follow them outside, he will knock Shin out and keep them both confined. When the two return, Shin is still extremely unhappy, and both men make it clear that they don't trust each other, but Shin agrees to leave for now. Shin leaves, telling Heroine that Toma is not her boyfriend, and to call him if anything happens. After, Toma tells Heroine that he has no intention of letting her leave; he then grabs her forcibly kisses her, slipping a sleeping pill into her mouth as he does so. 

August 18th-19th, while asleep, Heroine receives a memory of talking with Shin about a plan, and about a fan club of some sort. When she wakes, Heroine finds herself in a large dog cage. Toma explains that he can't let her leave his house, and promises to take care of her needs. Toma has planned for every chance Heroine might use to escape; he handcuffs her when giving her food and when letting her out to shower or use the bathroom. 

August 20th, Heroine receives a memory of asking an unknown man for love advice. Toma gives Heroine a puzzle to keep her occupied while she's in the cage. 

August 21st, Heroine receives a memory of talking to Toma about someone she liked. Later, Heroine remembers that she was waiting to tell the person she liked that she loved him. 

August 22nd, Toma leaves Heroine alone to check her house. While he's gone, Heroine leans on the cage and finds a defect that lets her get out. She manages to grab her phone before she hears Toma returning; Heroine crawls back into the cage and shuts it again quickly, hiding the phone in the puzzle box. Toma notices immediately that it's missing, and goes to call it; while his back is turned, Heroine barely managed to turn the phone off before he can call, and hides it again. Toma concludes the phone has died when the call doesn't connect. Toma then fills the cage with stuffed toys, dolls, books, and chocolates, wanting to keep Heroine from getting bored. 

August 23rd, while Toma is out, Heroine turns the phone on. She quickly looks over the messages, many of which are from Shin and Sawa, and finds one long message from Ikki asking how things were going with the guy she liked. Before she can do anything else, however, the phone died. 

August 24th, while Toma is gone, Heroine decides to escape and go to the cafe to talk to Ikki, hoping to trigger a memory. Since she doesn't know how to get to the cafe from Toma's house, she heads toward her house. When she runs into the strange man who had warned her, he offers to help, but Heroine runs from him instead. Heroine makes it to the railroad, but before she can head to the cafe from there, she is almost hit by a speeding motorcycle. In her effort to avoid it, Heroine falls; she scrapes up and injures her knee and shoulder in the fall, scuffing and tearing her clothes. Heroine considers going to the hospital, but it's too far; she's also too far from the cafe or her house to go there, and just standing hurts too much. Heroine returns to Toma's house, and crawls back into the cage. When Toma returns and sees her injured, he knows immediately that she managed to get out of the cafe. Toma orders her out, and orders her to strip to her underwear so that he can check the extent of her injury. 

Angry, Toma pins Heroine beneath him. He tells her that he won't care about her pain; he threatens to force himself on her, and says that he will still love her even if he breaks her. Heroine begs Toma for help; he is surprised enough that he pulls back, and hits the shelf behind them. The hit knocks Heroine's bag form the shelf, and her diary falls out onto the floor in front of Toma. When it opens, he looks down and sees that she had written about liking him. The entry dated July 31st says that Heroine was going to confess to Toma the next day. A flood of memories return to Heroine at the revelation, most of them revolving around Toma and how she felt about him; several of the memories were with Ikki, showing that he had been giving her advice on how to get Toma's attention and confess her feelings. Orion is fully separated from Heroine, and they part ways. Toma confesses that he was afraid that Heroine liked Ikki, and was trying to separate her from Ikki and protect her from Ikki's fan club that was harassing her. Toma confesses that he loves Heroine, and Heroine kissed him. 

Later, Toma, Ikki, and Heroine confronted Rika at the cafe, the leader of Ikki's fan club, with proof of the fan club's harassment of Heroine. They are forced to apologize, and to take down the malicious website they had used to spread nasty rumors about Heroine. Outside the cafe, Heroine and Toma talk about their feelings for each other, and how Toma had been gathering evidence of the fan club's harassment. Heroine then takes Toma to the street where he had found her lost as a child, and they confess their love to each other. 




Toma starts off trying to protect Heroine from whoever is attacking her, shown when Toma and Heroine are talking in an alley next to the Maid’s Sheep; when Heroine very narrowly misses getting hit by a falling flowerpot, Toma immediately tells Heroine to “Wait here” as he runs off to try and catch the attackers. Shortly after this, he takes her shopping to buy supplies. At the shopping centre, Heroine and Toma walk into a lingerie shop as she needs some clothes. Toma then tells her he will wait outside, but a member of staff confuses him as her boyfriend and asks them both what lingerie Heroine would like, causing Toma to blush furiously. As he is later seen waiting outside the shop for Heroine he realises some girls run past him and decides to check where they came from, suspecting they were up to no good, when he gets there he sees that Heroine is standing there in shock and part of her hair had been cut off, the girls were identified as Ikki’s fan group, who bare jealous feeling towards Heroine as she seems to talk to Ikki a lot. They get to his house and he tells her it would be safer to stay there, shortly after he leaves, telling her not go out of the house alone. She then remembers she was supposed to meet Ikki and decides that it would be best for her to go and ask him more about what’s happened as she’s doesn’t want Toma worrying anymore. Much to her demise Toma is entering the apartment as she leaves, telling her that he was serious when he told her to stay inside; he then forcefully pulls her back into the apartment. He then asks her whether she was going to meet Ikki and that his fan group might seriously hurt her. Toma then states that Heroine must have feelings for Ikki and clearly gets quite angry and frustrated at this. That night Toma then hugs her and tells her that he wants to protect her no matter what and that he wants to be nice to her but she’s making it hard. The following morning Toma offers her a hot drink when she wakes up, the next few days Heroine is seen to sleep an unnatural amount, only waking up when Toma offers her dinner and hot drinks. Though one day when Heroine is offered a drink Orion orders her to pour it into the plant pot and pretend to sleep for a while, noticing that something isn’t quite right. After believing that Heroine is asleep Toma lets his guard down and falls asleep too, Orion tells Heroine to take this as an opportunity to get out of the house as Toma is acting weird. Toma then moves shocking Heroine and Orion, though he’s still asleep, Heroine’s phone falls out of his pocket and they both question why Toma has it and why he would lie about it being broken. Heroine then finds many unsettling messages on her phone which appear to be acts of bullying and assault. Much to Orion’s and Heroine’s demise Shin rings the doorbell, though luckily Heroine manages to get back to bed and pretend she’s asleep before Toma wakes up. Shin then pushes his way through the door and finds Heroine, she ‘wakes up’ and Shin starts questioning Toma noticing that there’s something odd going on. He tells Toma that he understands he wants to keep her safe, but keeping her in his room for days on end isn’t right. Toma then just responds that it’s for her safety and that he can’t trust anyone, not even Shin. Shin then seems to initiate a fight saying that “This is all messed up” and “Do you think she belongs to you?”. Toma then tells Shin that he’ll either talk to Shin outside or throw him out without explaining anything, Shin then agrees to go outside and isn’t heard of again, Heroine then realises that Toma wasn’t actually her boyfriend. Soon after this Toma returns telling Heroine that Shin went home and tells her that his plan was to make the rest of the world seem scary to keep her in his home, he then asks her whether she finds him scary. He then proceeds to sit on the bed and hug her  whilst he secretly puts a tablet in his mouth and kisses her, it is at this point we realise Toma has been giving Heroine sleeping pills. He then tells her not to resist him and that he didn’t want to see her cry but he couldn’t grant the one wish he wanted so badly, as she then falls into a medicinal drug induced sleep. The next morning she wakes up in a cage in Toma’s house, he tells her that if he didn’t do this she would leave. He tells her that seeing her like this is like watching a bird in a cage and he brings her dinner that night and asks if there’s anything she wants, she asks to be let free and he tells her he can’t do that. She is next seen awake at night as Toma tells her he’s confused as to why he’ doing this, she response by asking him why he sleeps on the floor and he tells her it’s because she’s too on the floor. It seems at this point he starts to feel slightly guilty and unlocks the lock to let her out, they then have a conversation whilst sitting in front of the window. He then tells her why he’s doing what he’s doing, stating that keeping her safe is all that matters and that he’ll do anything to protect her, not caring about what others think. She then shows admiration for how far Toma would go to keep her safe and attempts to touch his face. He then tells her to stop as he doesn’t deserve forgiveness from her, and throws her back into the cage stating that if she’s in there then he can’t get to her as he’s a man and she won’t want to be assaulted by someone she doesn’t like. He then gets an urgent call from his college and needs to leave immediately, after Toma leaves she manages to escape the cage and goes home to try and find her diary to see find out how she really felt about Toma. As she attempts to get home she almost gets hit by a car and suffers a bad scrape on her leg and elbow. It’s at this point Toma realises she’s not in the cage and chases after her. She manages to get home and find her diary which states how she’s in love with Toma and how she planned to meet up with him to confess her feeling on the day she lost her memories. Toma walks in visibly looking angry and asks her what he has to do to get her to listen to him. Toma then states that she has cuts and bruises on her without any sympathy and states that he’ll stop caring about her pain as she doesn’t seem to care about the pain he’s in. He then grabs her and tells her that if he takes her by force she’ll only see him but she might break instead, she then states that Toma would don’t something like that. He then questions that if he can’t protect her, should he break her, and expresses that even then, he’ll still love her. Heroine then drops her diary when Toma pulls her, taking him by surprise, she tells him to read it. He then finds out how Heroine always looked forward to seeing him even as a child, he also finds out that she had fallen in love with him and would ask to meet him on July 31st where she would confess her feelings but instead had an accident and was taken to the hospital. Toma then says he doesn’t deserve her forgiveness but apologises anyway stating he never knew how she felt and he did all this because he believed she liked Ikki and he wanted to keep her safe from Ikki’s fan group. She tells him not to apologise as she realises everything he has done was to protect her, her then states that he loves her and Heroine smiles.

Skills and TalentsEdit

In addition to being in a number of school clubs, including soccer, broadcasting, archery, and the newspaper, Toma enjoys playing basketball, cycling, surfing the internet, playing video games, cooking and reading.




He and the Heroine are childhood friends and he truly cares for her.


He and Toma are good childhood friends with the Heroine. Toma treats Shin as his young brother, and would mess around and have a good time with him all together. However he is secretly jealous of Shin because he was chosen by the Heroine to be married by her when they got older since childhood. This was revealed in Heart's route.


"I don't want to see you cry. I don't want to see you sad or see you suffer either. I always want to see you smile and I want to make you smile. So for that purpose, I don't mind if you hate me, that's what I decided. But IT HURTS." (=)

"I only want to keep you from crying, but even that wish , I couldn't grant." (=)

"I promise you that I would protect you from anything scary from then on." (=)

"I love you.... I always have, and always will..." (=)


  • In the Otomate Amnesia favorite character poll, Toma took first place.[1]
  • Unlike the other potential lovers, Toma has a "Doubt" parameter for his route. This fills up when the Heroine feels doubt about Toma.
  • Toma likes spicy food, and dislikes raw fruit. He enjoys observing humans.




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