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Shin Visual Novel
Kanji シン
Rōmaji Shin
Race Human
Age 18
Birthday November 30[1]AMNEƧIA (visual novel)
Horoscope Sagittarius
Height 179 cm (5'10")
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair Chocolate
Blood Type Special A
Professional Status
Occupation Maid's Sheep Spade/Diamond/Joker's Route only
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Parents

Toma's Brother (Clover Route only)

Route Heart
First Appearance
Visual Novel AMNEƧIA
Anime I
Seiyū Tetsuya Kakihara
Houston Hayes (English)
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Shin (シン, Shin) is a childhood friend of the Heroine and her boyfriend in the Heart Arc.


Shin is a tall, lean-built but slender young man. He has short, messy brown-redish hair, which reaches just over his shoulders, and red eyes. Over his right pectoral muscle, Shin has two piercings, diagonally aligned from each other. The lower stud is nearly twice as large as the other one. Shin typically has a bored or irritated expression.

His attire has a distinctive red-and-black motif. Shin wears a red, V-neck shirt with numerous black splotch-like marks all over it; furthermore, it is notably torn into rags on the ends, leaving a large tear through the shirt on his left side. Over this, Shin wears a black jacket with gray inner lining. It has a hood, which Shin normally does not wear over his head, as well as numerous white lining and silver-colored accessories. This includes an array of five rings near the patch of his left, and a closed buckle on his right, having but a single prong, followed by five marble-shaped studs running down vertically below. On Shin's under sleeves, just below his forearms, there are more arrays of five marble-shaped studs, with one set on each. Around Shin's right sleeve, there are two pieces of red cloth tied over each other around where his wrist would be. Shin's pants are tight-fitting and have two different colors: left is black and right is red. It is held up by a black-and-red striped belt, which is loosened, left dangling from Shin's left side with the silver buckle hanging at the end, with a single prong. The rest of Shin's attire is left with his high-heeled, thigh-high boots, which, like his pants, are colored black on the left but red on the right; also, his left boot is slightly longer than the other. His black boot has gray stitches attached to one end. Likewise, his red boot also has similar stitches, but they are simply black.

Shin wears tight, red gloves on both of his hands. He also wears a collar around his neck, split into two sections, with the top having a red color while the bottom is black. It is attached together with a silver buckle with two prongs; each one slides through the first opening on either side. There are several more openings for the prongs to fit into on the right side of the red and black cloths.


Shin is a reserved and mysterious person. Sometimes he affectionately calls the Heroine "idiot", but he deeply cares and loves her in his route the Heart World, and he has been good friends with Toma since childhood. He carries a heavy emotional burden of his father having killed someone by accident. Due to social stigma that resulted from that accident, he wasn't able to make friends which made him a social outcast. Only his childhood friends, the Heroine and Toma, stayed by his side because they cared and tried to help him. He blames himself for the injuries the Heroine got in the incident on Shinano trip. 


Shin is childhood friends with the Heroine and Toma. One day while he was still young, his father killed a drunk and became labelled as a murderer. Since then Shin had a hard time as he grew up. He became labelled as the murderer's son, and no one wanted to be seen as close to him, except for the Heroine and Toma who will always stay his friends.


Visual NovelEdit


Heart Route Edit

In his main route, Shin appears in the hospital to pick her up, he was wondering if she still half sleep and he kisses her. He finds it weird that she's not resisting as usual, saying he'll just continue if she remains quiet. Shin notices that she's still looking blank though, so he tells her to get dressed while he takes care of her discharge procedure outside. 10 minutes later, Shin reminds the Heroine to take her medicine before leaving. As they arrive at the her apartment, he also notices she's acting weird when he asks her to make some tea, though he says nothing and continues sorting out her belongings from the hospital.

On August 2nd, as Shin and the Heroine, he remarks that it's their anniversary today, he then asks why she hasn't said his name and then reveals that it wasn't their anniversary, but he said that to test her memories. He discovers that she had lost all of her memories. As the Heroine admits the reason why she hid her memory loss was because she didn't want to go to the hospital, Shin promised not to take her there, and said he'll help her to gain back her memories. He introduced himself as her childhood friend and boyfriend, he's a year younger than her, and they've been dating for 3 months. Shin even explains that her parents works overseas and they came to visit her in the hospital, asking Shin to take care of her since they need to go back soon. Before explaining further, Shin suddenly apologized and says it's his fault that she lost her memories. After the Heroine receives a memory of him and her parents conversation, he is relieved she is starting the remember. He takes her the place where she works and introduces the waiter, Toma who is their childhood friend. He informed him that the Heroine needs a new phone since her old phone was broken during the accident.

On August 3rd , he takes the Heroine to her university to see if her memories come back. He explains that she is a vocalist of band and they've spent time together during her practice, he takes her the club room and he mentions after her performance he confessed his love for her and they had their first kiss. After he kissed her again, he then apologized to her, as he thought it would help her bring her memories back, but he thinks that she probably thinks of him as a stranger in her eyes. After that they left the university, the Heroine remembered that he scolded her, and replied she was terrible, but improving. He then said he's going to skip school to help her with special work session that she will need since people don't know about her memory loss and she will back at August 5.

On August 4th, Shin teaches her how to say the right way to greet customers. He tells her it is "Welcome, Master", but as she said it, he blushed. he invited Toma since to tell him about her condition, and that he can help a while he will be at school. Toma informs Shin that since he has been skipping school, his grades gone down, and that he needs to get a scholarship in order to attend university since his family can't afford it. Shin then says tomorrow he will catch up for his studies for three days and entrusts Toma to look after the Heroine. As the Heroine uses her work training  Shin had taught her, they both blush at her.

On August 5th,  Shin comes to the Maid's Sheep, to talk to Waka and notified him that his going back to school, he talked to Heroine abut her first day at work, after they leave, he apologizes for his behavior.

August 8th, As he and Heroine time spend together, the Heroine explain to him about the memory she remembers, he tells her about the incident that happened while staying in the villa, calling the ambulance and the police as the only witness, He lied to the police. He told them she fell because he surprised her from the back, while she insisted she just ran away when he teased her and fell off on her own. Shin lied because he actually said "bring me into your room tonight", and he couldn't say that to the police. Shin apologized for not telling her. He said the memories kept haunting him whenever he tried to tell her about the incident-her scream when she fell, her bloodied body upon returning to the villa. Shin blames himself because he couldn't do anything to save her.She says she was saved because of him and Shin smiles saying she always said the same thing.

On August 10th, When they return home in the evening, Shin quickly says he's going home. Noticing that she's looking at him with a confused look, he tells her it'd be a problem if he gets into her room now. For the first few days he did get inside to take care of her, but now she should be aware that he's her boyfriend. Shin asks how does she see him right now.. as a childhood friend, family, or boyfriend? If she can't remember, then he's going to ask her again  "Please go out with me, I can't see you as a family member anymore." When she says she can't see him as a man yet, Shin tells her no problem since he'll open her eyes right away. Then he laughs because she said exactly the same thing when he first confessed to her. As the Heroine accepts his feeling, he takes her inside of her and closes the door behind them and kisses her. He says he's been "wanting to do this. It was really painful to see the girl he loves without being able to touch her." and that he was holding back until her memories return, but he gives up. They don't know when will she get her memories back, and he can't wait forever. Then Shin tells her "I'll make you nervous again, because you won't know when I'm going to kiss you."

August 11th, he is invited by the Heroine to be joined with the others of their own firework show. He explains his backstory to the Heroine about his father kill someone and had hard time and people who were closer to him at acting different toward him and unable to make friends, expect for her and Toma.

However in August 12, he was taken by the police station for questioning. He wasn't able to spend time with her, but he texts her several times for a week since the police are keeping an eye of him.  

On August 16th, he calls her and tells her that he was thinking of breaking up with her, and it's okay for him that she won't remember loving him, and won't mind if she with another man, he feels pathetic saying such words. Its because his father's history are causing her problems.

On August 19th, he finally returns to her, and embraces her because he was tired and this is their first time being appart for so long. After he lets go, and they both discuss the case. Shin gather information and all phone numbers of the suspect, and Waka's too because he had to lie about him leaving something at the villa. Shin knows who did it to the Heroine, but he still needs more clues.

August 22-24, Day 2, The suspects are split up into groups, Shin and the Heroine investigate the areas around Shinano, Shin wanted her to remember the incident, he explains it and shows her how he remembers it. However it helps and she remembers the conversation between him. The night of the incident, Sawa got push by someone a while she was in the bathroom, Shin offered the Heroine to stay in his room. Day 3, after they return, Shin wanted her to stay at his room since it would be dangerous if something bad happens to her. As they talk, he found the evidence he was searching for, and he gave it to the police because they are determined to find the culprit. Shin feels that the culprit isn't trying to hide his crime. He's still trying to bring everything into the light, but he wants her to be ready since the truth might hurt her. Shin then asks for her opinion about the culprit, and when she answers "Toma".. he falls into silence.

August 25, as he, The Heroine, and Toma are spending time together since he feels uneasy at home. They both go the place they used to hang out during their childhood, back then their parents got angry since they named the park "Crawfish Park", because there was a time where they fished a lot of crawfish. Then they play a game rock, paper, and scissor, if the person beat them, that person will have to hit them on the head with roll up newpaper. As the game continues, Shin smacks the Heroine hard and shows no mercy, but he and Toma keep smacking each other repeatedly. After their game ended, Shin says he'll go buy some drinks. He also borrows Toma's wallet since he's got no money, whispering "keep him here" to the heroine before leaving. They end up talking about the past until Shin returns 30 minutes later, saying he went to a far supermarket since the convenience store nearby didn't have any melon soda and returns Toma's wallet to him.

August 26, He take the Heroine to Toma's house and he asks Toma's mother if he seen Toma around, but she replied that he left earlier.Since they're too late, Shin covers it up by saying they were planning to go out together and they quickly excuse themselves. Shin only wanted to find out if Toma had borrowed the car today, calling it "decisive" without explaining the reason. He tells the heroine something really bad will happen tomorrow, so he'll take her anywhere she wants to go today and that, and he won't complain because he wants her to have fun. She says she'll go study with him. Even though Shin knows she won't find it fun, he thanks her since it helps him a lot. Back in Shin's room, he ends up getting frustrated since she doesn't remember anything about her exams nor the materials. Shin admits that he actually loves studying. He likes learning new things, both from books and from lectures. At first he gave up on going to college because his family is poor, and she was the one who pushed his back. She's always working so hard on everything she does, driving Shin to do his best too. Shin says he admires her, but he quickly stops and they both continue with their studies. As the sun sets, Shin asks her to spend the night in his house again. Not because he's thinking of doing something dirty, but because he feels worried when he's alone. They're going to meet "that person" tomorrow and Shin can't stop thinking about how it's going to turn out. If "that person" resists, they can't ignore the possibility that Shin might get attacked since he knows too much. Shin also adds "that person" hasn't given up, that's why today he took the car to erase the evidence. However, Shin knows he has to reveal the truth. Both for the heroine and for "that person" as well. That's why needs her to stay with him today, because he needs a lot of courage and mental preparation for tomorrow. Shin also promises that he won't touch her without permission, and she eventually agrees to sleep over. As he leans against her shoulder, Shin admits that he was thinking of letting her go when the police suddenly took him in. She forgot about their relationship and their memories, so he didn't want to trouble her with all of these cases. He kept telling himself it can't be helped if she falls in love with someone else, but in the end he couldn't do it — "I can't let you go. Sorry." When he learned that she lost her memories, Shin actually felt really scared. With all her memories gone, he was afraid that she was going to disappear from his sight. But even so, she never left him. She always stayed by his side and trusts him, even though he's a suspect in her case. The first time Shin watched her live, he really thought she had no talent in singing. He threw a lot of harsh words to stop her from embarrassing herself any further, but she worked hard and improved a lot in just a year. She was like an entirely different person during her next live show the following year, that was the first time Shin realized what a beautiful woman she really was. Even though he knows all of her miserable and stupid times, he couldn't take his eyes off her. After the live he praised her for working so hard, and she was really happy even though his praise was really simple. When she thanked him for pushing her back with his harsh words, Shin realized he can never win against her.

Even though everyone around her keeps praising her, Shin knows she worked really hard to achieve what she had accomplished. She doesn't need to force herself in front of him, since he's going to protect her everything — her hardworking side, her stupid side, everything. Shin promises that he's going to be a man she can be proud of.

August 27, When the heroine wakes up, Shin explains that they're going to meet Toma after work today. He doesn't think anything drastic will happen, but he wants her to be careful. As Shin meets up with the Heroine and Toma, he goes straight to the point that the person who attacked her after she fell from the cliff was Toma. He knows he did and recalls to his words after the Heroine got released from the hospital, he said about her head, but it was actually her neck. Toma responds to this by saying it's because he heard the pain on her neck wasn't that bad, so he was more concerned about her head. Since the Heroine would keep deep in mind and that she won't remember anything. Shin didn't join the search that night, so it means she mistook someone else for him. From the bloody handprints they found, someone must have tried to carry her possibly while holding the wound on her neck, hoping to stop the blood loss. By the time Toma returned to the villa, Ikki and Kent already found her. Toma then immediately rushed over and clung to her in a panic, concealing the blood stain on his hands and clothes. Nobody would have noticed that her blood was already there before he even returned to the villa. As Shin pursues Toma, he will admitted he injured the Heroine. 

Shin knows he can't hide the truth forever. He's holding another piece of evidence he took from Toma's room, though he doesn't want to use it unless he really have to — her pictures. Knowing Toma will get rid of these as soon as he got home, Shin sneaked into his room and took a few pictures. It was when he left them to buy a melon soda, because he knows Toma keeps his key on his wallet. However, Shin returns the evidence to Toma. Just like what he said before, Toma isn't trying to hide the crime. He's trying to hide the objective. He doesn't want them to know that he's in love with her, and he pushed her away because she mistook him for Shin. Shin finally says he doesn't know how much Toma has been holding back all this time. He doesn't know the shock Toma felt when she mistook him for Shin. But despite his reason, Toma ended up hurting her.. and Shin can't forgive him for that, though Toma doesn't want to be forgiven either. Shin then punches him in the face and Toma thanks him, while Shin says he's not the only one who get hurt here it hurts Shin as well.

when he takes her to the park after that, Shin apologized for bringing back the memories she tried to forget. He doesn't want Toma to carry the guilt alone. He said he admire Tomas personality and that he is actually envious of Toma's kindness towards her. He wished he can treat her kindly like Toma does. Shin still thinks the accident is his fault for teasing her, and he also thinks she might turn around to look at Toma if he didn't confess to her back then. However, Shin will still snatch her away even though he had to destroy everything. Even if he knew the result right from the start, he will still do the same thing.. because he loves her. As he hugs the crying heroine, Shin tells her "You can blame me all you want, but I won't ever let you go. I'll make you so happy that Toma will give up on you with a laugh."

August 31, after four days of Toma turning himself in to the police, Shin tells everyone about it, except for one, Ukyo who he wasn't around. In the end, they are last seen holding hands, and he is embarrassed by the Heroine because she said that she is going to teach him how to be nicer to her, and confessing their love for each other.

Spade Route Edit

Shin works at the cafe, and he questions why the Heroine is okay with Ikki flirting with other girls. He reports Ikki's advance on the Heroine to Waka, which causes the manager to berate his employees about their relationships. When Ikki rejects Mine because he's dating the Heroine, Shin is forced to take Mine's place at work and he is angry at Ikki for this. Near the end of August, when Ikki's fan club blocks him and the Heroine, Shin steps in between, claiming that he needs to clean up the outside of the cafe. With the fan girls distracted, Ikki makes his escape with the Heroine. When the girls discovered that Ikki is gone because Shin tricked them, he claims that it could not be a trick when they are stupid. He further comments that Ikki left them because they are so annoying.

Clover Route Edit

Shin works at the cafe and knows the Heroine's boyfriend, Kent, who gave a seminar for Toma. He is invited by Sawa and Mine for a day at the pool alongside Waka and Kent. He later visits the Heroine with Toma, and they take her out on a walk. When she tells them about Ukyo, they become utterly concerned and tell her to be careful. Shin then brings up the Heroine's relationship with Kent, commenting that she did not like her boyfriend before but does so now.

Diamond Route Edit

Shin works at the cafe. As the Heroine's rival brother figure, he is suspicious of Toma, especially when Toma attempts to protect the Heroine by restricting her movement. Shin tries to intervene on her behalf on a number of occasions. In one circumstance, he succeeds in rescuing the Heroine from Toma.

Joker Route Edit




In anime it's similar to his route. However, the murder mystery and investigation elements of his story was not shown due to time constraints.

Skills and TalentsEdit

Shin enjoys playing card games and is a member of the track-and-field club.




Shin was heroine's childhood friend and now is heroine's boyfriend.  He noticed her acting different when she didn't say his name, he then discover she had lost all of memories. He helps her to recover of her memories and keeps her memory loss a secret. They've been dating for 3 months. He loves her deeply all though he could be harsh on her sometimes.


Shin and Toma are childhood friends together with the Heroine. Toma gets along with Shin very well, even though Shin dislikes being called the "little brother" of Toma. Toma helped Shin to get over his struggle after his father killed someone and both stayed friends though they bicker at times. Both Shin and Toma loved the Heroine since childhood and they have a rivalry. In Heart World route, after Toma turned himself over to the police, Shin still cares for Toma even though he won't forgive him for injuring the Heroine.


Shin didn't interact and he barely knows Ikki in his main route, but in Spade's Route he gets along with him very well. He sometimes called him "Senpai" and teased Ikki. It is a notable fact however that the two are complete opposites, as illustrated in some Amnesia World CG's. 


Idiot (To heroine)

Visual NovelEdit


  • "Please go out with me, I can't see you as a family member anymore" (私と一緒に外出してください、私はもう家族の一員としてあなたを見ることができません, Watashitoisshoni gaishutsu shite kudasai, watashi wa mō kazoku no ichiin to shite anata o miru koto ga dekimasen)



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