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Sawa Visual Novel
Kanji サワ
Rōmaji Sawa
Race Human
Age 20
Height "5'7' (1.70 m)
Gender Female
Eyes Golden
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Maid's Sheep Heart/Clover/Diamond/Joker's Route only
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Visual Novel AMNEƧIA
Anime I
Seiyū Satomi Moriya
Allison Sumrall (English)
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Sawa (サワ, Sawa) is a young woman who works part-time at the Maid's Sheep.


She is a slender young woman of average height. Sawa has long and messy brown hair, tied into an unkempt ponytail, as well as large golden-colored eyes.

Sawa's regular outfit consists of a sleeved black-and-white dress with diamond patterns. Over it, she wears a sleeveless black turtleneck, as well as long, black arm warmers. Sawa dons a green belt over the top part of her left arm warmer, with two others on her right, each with a silver buckle and a single prong that is secured. Around her waist, she wears two others that are identical: one is wrapped firmly around her waist, while the other is positioned a little higher, and overlaps the former. Over Sawa's left breast, there is a white pin with green lines, resembling a cloud.[1] Sometimes, she does not wear it.[2] Under her dress, Sawa wears lime-colored pantyhose, with the right sleeve having a set of white rings patterned along the side. She finishes her outfit with ragged, high-heeled brown boots with yellow strings.[1]


Sawa has a very calm demeanor. She seems to be a very kind person, with an extravagant personality. However, Sawa is very clumsy when it comes to her work as a maid.



Visual NovelEdit


Heart's Route Edit

When Shin leads the investigation at the villa in Shinano, Sawa works together with him to protect the evidence he gathered from getting destroyed. However, when Toma tries to destroy them, he accidentally pushes Sawa down the stairs, causing everyone to be on high alert.

Spade's Route Edit

Sawa does not work at the cafe, and visits the Heroine when she is working. She falls under the spell of Ikki's eyes, but immediately snaps out of it when they move out her view. Sawa asks the Heroine why she joined Ikki's Fanclub, but her friend suddenly collapses and Sawa frantically calls for help. The Heroine's stepbrother, Toma, is there and carries her home. Sawa joins the trip to the villa, but is disappointed that she, the Heroine, and Mine can't play billards. Later, when Ikki notices the Heroine collapsing at work, he asks Sawa to take care of her. But since she's busy, she asks Toma to do it for her.

Clover's Route Edit

Sawa and Mine spend one night at the Heroine's apartment room and they gossip about Mine's affection for Waka. They then decide that they invite the cafe's staff for a day at the pool, and Sawa suggests that the Heroine invite her boyfriend Kent to join them.

Joker 's Route Edit

Sawa is working on a report with Kent as her editor, though he is very harsh on her work.




Skills and TalentsEdit




The heroine and Sawa are best friends


Sawa and Mine seem to be good friends.




Sawa is one of characters who retain her personality in every routes.


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