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Rika Visual Novel
Kanji リカ
Rōmaji Rika
Race Human
Height "5'11' (1.80 m)
Gender Female
Eyes Golden
Hair Blonde
Professional Status
Occupation Fan Club of Ikki
Personal Status
Status Alive (Deceased in Spade's Route Bad Ending)
First Appearance
Visual Novel AMNEƧIA
Anime II
Seiyū Yoshida Seiko
Genevieve Simmons (English)
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Rika (リカ, Rika) is the president of Ikki's Fanclub.


Rika is a tall, buxom voluptuous woman with a slender frame and large breasts. She has long, curly, blonde hair and golden-colored eyes. Her hair is styled into two pigtails, notably tightened to have the two sets point outwards, similarly like a reversed V-formation. Moreover, Rika's bangs are pushed away from her face. In addition, she has pale skin. Rika's fingernails are long and painted a dark pink color.

On her head, Rika wears a large flat hat with black-and-pink stripes, save for the thin crown near the center of the headgear. To the right of the crown is a white fur-like pelt that barely falls over the other end of the hat. Underneath her hat is a black hairband which Rika uses to push her bangs away from her face. Attached to this black hairband is an identically colored ribbon, which falls slightly over her forehead.

In addition, around Rika's neck is a black ribbon, firmly tightened, with a triple pearl extension on both ends of the ribbon. Sewn onto the center of the ribbon is a pink gemstone encased in a golden-colored covering, which has a rough diamond shape to it.

She wears a black dress mostly striped with dark lines and possessing several frills; both sleeves have three layers, only going up to the bottom of her wrists, while the skirt of her dress has four that extend down to just underneath her knees. The skirt is noticeably decorated with pink stripes, covering parts of each frilled layer, along with several pearl necklaces, as well as gray lace-like extensions seen at the ends of the dress. Around Rika's waist is a white ribbon on her front left and a fur-like pelt on her back, near Rika's right. Beneath her dress, Rika wears black leggings and dark gray high-heeled shoes.


Rika is devilish, sarcastic and aristocratic-like young woman. She obsesses over Ikki and she loves him very much even though he never dates her. In Spade's Route, she appears to have a grudge against the Heroine since she been dating him longer and she makes a threat that she shouldn't consider of Ikki as hers, and if she forgets, she will kill her, albeit with a dark expression. She almost did so in the Bad Ending, where she tried push the Heroine off a cliff in a maniacal fit of wrath. 

Despite being obsessive over Ikki in the beginning, she turns around and is apologetic for her actions in the fandisks. In routes other than Ikki's and Toma, she acts as an older sister figure and is more down to earth than her appearance lets on. She supports the heroine in Ukyo's routes and gives her advice, even talking back to Ukyo during a misunderstanding where the heroine is unable to confront.


Rika grew up together with her brother Luka in the countryside, where her family grows vegetables.


Visual NovelEdit


Heart's Route Edit

Prior to the Heroine's accident, Rika went to the villa in Shinano to follow Ikki and was part of the search party to find the Heroine. She is called back to the villa again by Shin, who is trying to prove his innocence, so that they can find evidence that he did not push the Heroine down the hill. Although she does try to help, Rika often complains and tries to go back home, though she is stunned that Ikki will not follow her.

Spade's Route Edit

Rika is the major antagonist in one Bad Ending and semi- antagonist in the Good Ending. When the Heroine remembers about the rules of the fan club, Ikki confronts Rika and the fan girls and tells them not to interfere their relationship and hurt the Heroine. Rika apologizes and offers to end the club, but Ikki allows it to continue, though he doesn't forgive her.

Diamond's Route Edit

Due to the Heroine meeting Ikki to ask him how to win Toma's love, Rika and the fan club mistakenly believe that they are a couple. The fan club constantly harass the Heroine, spreading false rumors about her on the Internet and pulling off pranks that were sometimes dangerous. Eventually, Rika and the fan club are confronted by Ikki and Toma, the latter having the evidence of their crimes. Rika apologizes and reasons that she couldn't keep the club under control and that the devil was influencing her. Toma tells Rika to clear up the rumors the club spread online so that the mayhem can die down.

Joker's Route Edit

Contrary to the other routes, Rika is on friendly terms with the Heroine and often gets worried when she is in danger. She is aware that some of the fan girls have ill intent towards the Heroine, so she keeps her friend close to her as much as possible to try to protect her from danger.




Skills and TalentsEdit




Rika is Ikki's closest friend and honorably calls him "Ikki-sama". She seems to care deeply for Ikki despite never dating because he only thinks of her as a classmate.


Rika and the Heroine never interact that much except in Spade's Route where she appear to has a hatred toward her and become very jealous because she was still dating Ikki. She wanted to kill her in the Bad Ending.  In Joker's Route, she is good friends of her since she joined their fan club of Ikki.



  • Rika's motif is jewellery (pearls)
  • Despite her style of dress, Rika comes from a humble farming background.
  • Rika occasionally works as a model.



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