Visual Novel | Human
Orion Visual Novel
Kanji オリオン
Rōmaji Orion
Race Spirit (later, Human at the end of Joker's Route good ending)
Gender Male
Eyes Teal, Blue
Hair Silver
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Visual Novel AMNEƧIA
Anime I
Seiyū Hiromi Igarashi
Shannon Emerick (English)
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Orion (オリオン, Orion) is a male spirit from a different world. He is directly responsible for the Heroine's amnesia. Currently within her subconscious, he tries to help her regain her memories.


Orion has the appearance of a young, preteen boy with a thin and slender figure. He has short, silver hair and teal eyes with purple tints. His ears are notably long and pointed.

Orion Full Body

Orion wears his usual outfit while floating midair.

He wears a short-sleeved shirt, patterned with black and gray diamonds, over a grayish undershirt. On the bottoms of his sleeves, there are blue studs spotting all around it. Both of Orion's shirts reveal his midriff. Underneath, he wears uniquely-designed puffy pants, colored gray on one side, and black on another, separated by a white line. His pants are held up by an intricate belt that wraps around his waist, black with a yellow strip running through the center. Over it, there is a thicker variety instead with white borders and white spots patterned on the black cloth, with three pockets on each side. The pockets are predominantly black, save for a distinctive strip running through the middle, with a yellow patch, marked by an "X". On Orion's left pant sleeve, the gray pattern is instead replaced by the same black-and-gray diamond pattern on his shirt. On the ends of his pants are distinctive, black-bordered openings. Orion wears black-and-yellow striped socks underneath and short and pointed, high-heeled black boots.

On his head, Orion has distinctive horn-like extensions on both sides of his head, resembling bird talons. They are black with two yellow strips near the base. Around his neck is an extremely long, black-and-yellow scarf that reaches his ankles. On the tips of his scarf are two yellow stars. Underneath, Orion wears two necklaces with brown straps holding several golden medallions. There are seven on the top necklace and five on the bottom. He wears a golden bracelets similarly designed to his necklaces' medallions over his right bicep. He also wears a golden bracelet on his wrists.

Being a spirit, Orion is almost always seen floating.


Orion has a very caring and eccentric personality, and can be very emotional at times. He is an all around nice and innocent spirit who tries to be helpful. Orion also seems very clumsy, due to the fact that he bumped into the Heroine and caused the whole mess.



Visual NovelEdit


Orion helps the Heroine to reclaim her memories since he is inside of her soul, and attempts to help her regain her memories. In all routes, he is usually the voice of reason for the Heroine. Every time the Heroine remembers an important event, he starts to be unable to see personal memories, unable to be seen by the Heroine or become transparent.  In most of the routes, Orion entrusts the Heroine into the care of her love interest. He then leaves and the Heroine loses her memories of him.

However in Joker's Route, he plays an important role. When Dark Ukyo tries to kill the Heroine at Myouga University, Orion realizes that Ukyo has fused with his master, Nhil. After the Heroine makes it through the 25th of August, Orion explains to the Heroine that she had died in the original world, and Ukyo made a wish for her to live. As Nhil was drawn to Ukyo, Orion was drawn to the Heroine. After explaining Ukyo and Nhil's journey, Orion tells the Heroine that it's up to her whether she wanted to forgive him. When she does, Nhil returns her and Ukyo to their world and Orion bids them farewell.

Afterwards, Orion and Nhil are stripped of their powers as punishment for interfering too much in the human world. Thus, they are reborn as humans.





Amnesia : Memories

Skills and TalentsEdit




Orion and Heroine are bonded telepathically due to the crossing of worlds, and Orion tries to help the Amnesiac heroine whenever he can. He does everything in his power to ensure her survival and gain back her memories.


Even though Orion never interacted with him since he can't see or hear him, but Orion knows that he is a good person and won't kill someone.


When Orion first meet Ikki, he described him as a "shady man" and mysterious personality. Throughout the days, Orion begins to sympathize with him, believing that his wish was granted by a god when he was a boy. When the Heroine realizes she loves Ikki, Orion suggests that she tell Ikki about his existence as well as her amnesia because he can be trusted.

Kent Edit

When first seeing Kent, Orion regarded him as a odd person with his sense of logic. But after the Heroine admits her amnesia to Kent, she tells him about Orion. The two of them communicate with the Heroine writing down Orion's words, and Orion tells Kent that he entrusts the Heroine's well-being to him once he leaves.


Initially, Orion and the Heroine thought that Toma was her boyfriend. But after learning that he lied and he imprisons the Heroine, Orion becomes disgusted with Toma and cannot see any good in him. When the Heroine remembers her love for Toma, Orion's view changes and leaves her in Toma's care.

Ukyo Edit

Throughout most of the routes, Orion sees Ukyo as odd but is very frightened by his dark side. However in the Joker's Route, Orion comes to understand Ukyo and his wish to save the Heroine's life.


Visual NovelEdit


  • "Not good... If they found out that I killed humans... I'll be getting a death sentence" (……ヤバい。人類殺したなんてバレたら、ボク、死刑になるかもしれない, ......Yabai. Jinrui koroshita nante baretara, boku, shikei ni naru ka mo shirenai)
  • "You said my name for the first time!"






  • Although his name's origin is not mentioned, in japanese; depending on the characters used, his name can mean Son of Fire.
  • Orion is also the name of a star constellation.



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