Mine Visual Novel
Kanji ミネ
Rōmaji Mine
Race Human
Age 18
Height "5'5 (1.66 m)
Gender Female
Eyes Pink
Hair Pink
Professional Status
Occupation Maid's Sheep Heart/Spade/Clover/Diamond/Joker's Route only
Previous Occupation Fan Club of Ikki Spade's Route only
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Visual Novel AMNEƧIA
Anime I
Seiyū Kana Akutsu
Molly Searcy (English)
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Mine (ミネ, Mine) is a young woman who works as a part-time maid at the Maid's Sheep.


Mine is a petite, slender but curvacious girl with long, waist-length pink hair and pink eyes. Her hair is wavy, except for her bangs, which are cut straight and flat across her forehead, and a section of her hair is tied into a high bun atop her head, held together using a black and hot pink butterfly hairpiece.

Her usual outfit contains several black, purple, and butterfly-themed motifs. Mine wears a long-sleeved black shirt that exposes part of her shoulders and much of her breasts. On the neckline, there is a black lace that surrounds the edge, and on the undersides of both of Mine's loose sleeves are a pair of heart-shaped pins. Mine wears a purple undershirt below patterned with vertical lines and lace adorned with hearts and butterflies. Beneath this, she wears a double-strapped tank top. Around her waist, there is a white belt with a ribbon, shaped like a butterfly, and patterned with black and white stripes. On her lower back, there is a lavender fur-like extension attached to Mine's outfit, which hangs over beside her thighs. Aside from her upper wear, Mine wears a double layered black-and-purple patterned frilled skirt. Underneath are black stockings, with an array of purple butterflies decorating the left sleeve, and finally are Mine's white boots.


Mine is a friendly person and is good friends with the Heroine in two routes. She appears to have a different personality in every route.

  • In Heart's route, Mine appears to be friendly toward everyone.
  • In Spade's route, she is cruel to the Heroine because she was rejected by Ikki, whom she still had a crush on.
  • In Clover's route, she is cold and harsh toward the Heroine, at the start. She asked the Heroine that she should dated other people, and she won't accept her relationship with Kent, who Mine believes is actually Waka. Mine becomes less harsh however when the Heroine clears up the misunderstanding.



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She and the Heroine get along very well in two of the four routes, but is very mean to her in Spade route. In Spade's route, Mine acts selfishly and cruel to the Heroine when she dates Ikki, up until she asks him out and gets rejected by him. In Clover's Route, they used to be good friends until the Heroine starts dating Kent, while Mine believes she is dating Waka and gets jealous. She remains harsh towards the Heroine, culminating in her attempting to sabotage te Heroine's supposed date with Waka, which turned out to be a date with Kent. The Heroine clears up the misunderstanding. Mine apologizes and in turn, and they go back to being good friends.  


Mine and Sawa get along very well in every route. 


Mine gets along with Waka in every route, but never interacts with him that much, except in Clover's Route where it is revealed that she has a crush on him, and tries to ask him if he has a girlfriend, but he is confused due to his personality in this route.


Mine has a crush on Ikki in the Spades route, but is rejected by him. Even so, she doesn't give up and tries to persuade him that she's more fun than the heroine, until Ikki outright rejects her.


In the Clover's route, due to misunderstandings, it is believed that she had a crush on Kent. After that misunderstanding is cleared up, it is revealed that she and the Heroine attended his math lectures at college and through that, became acquainted with each other. Mine has also asked Kent out before but, was harshly rejected due to her incompetency at math and his disdain of "dating an idiot".





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