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File:65525 344703302297215 460754127 n.jpgFile:AMNESIA-Ep-9-Img-0036.pngFile:AMNESIA EPISODE 1 ENG SUB FULL
File:AMNEƧIA LATER 2.pngFile:Amnesia Episode 4 FULL HDFile:Amnesia Episode 5 English Subbed FULL HQ
File:Amnesia Episode 6 English Sub HDFile:Amnesia Episode 7 English SubbedFile:Amnesia Episode 8 Eng Sub HQ
File:Amnesia Episode 9 English Sub HD Part 1File:Amnesia Episode 9 English Sub HD Part 2File:Amnesia Opening 「Zoetrope」Full
File:Amnesia heroine winx club version.pngFile:Anime - Amnesia Episode 3 English SubbedFile:At The Docks.png
File:Background.pngFile:Bored & Alone.pngFile:Burning Building Dream.png
File:Chibi Ikki.pngFile:Chibi Kent.pngFile:Chibi Shin.png
File:Chibi Toma.pngFile:Chibi Ukyo.pngFile:Childhood Friends Meet For Drinks.png
File:Copyright Symbol.pngFile:Couple Holding The Umbrella.pngFile:Crazed Fangirls Confront The Heroine.png
File:Drinks After Movie.pngFile:Employees Of The Meido No Hitsuji.pngFile:Episode 10 Title Screen.jpg
File:Episode 11 Title Screen.jpgFile:Episode 12 Title Screen.jpgFile:Episode 1 Title Screen.png
File:Episode 2 Title Screen.pngFile:Episode 3 Title Screen.pngFile:Episode 4 Title Screen.png
File:Episode 5 Title Screen.pngFile:Episode 6 Title Screen.pngFile:Episode 7 Title Screen.png
File:Episode 8 Title Screen.jpgFile:Episode 9- AMNESIA.pngFile:Episode 9 Title Screen.jpg
File:Falling Hair Strands.pngFile:Favicon.icoFile:Firework Poster.png
File:Fireworks.pngFile:Forum new.gifFile:Heroine.png
File:Heroine Falls Off Cliff.pngFile:Heroine Finds Ikki With Fangirls.pngFile:Heroine Hears Orion's Voice.png
File:Heroine Meets Hero.pngFile:Heroine Sees Ikki & Kent.pngFile:Heroine Talking With Orion.png
File:Heroine Visual Novel.jpgFile:Heroine With Ikki.pngFile:Heroine Writes In Her Journal Again.png
File:Heroine and Toma.pngFile:Heroine discover a dairy.pngFile:Ikki's Look.png
File:Ikki.jpgFile:Ikki.pngFile:Ikki & Heroine In His Bedroom.png
File:Ikki & The Heroine's flashback.pngFile:Ikki At Work.pngFile:Ikki Calls The Heroine.png
File:Ikki Calls The Heroine From Outside.pngFile:Ikki Catches The Heroine.pngFile:Ikki Holds The Heroine's Hand.png
File:Ikki Pins Against The Heroine.pngFile:Ikki Playing Pool.pngFile:Ikki Tends To The Heroine's Finger.png
File:Ikki Twitter Icon.pngFile:Ikki Visual Novel.jpgFile:Ikki With The Sick Heroine.png
File:Images-1.jpgFile:Kent's Gentle Pat.pngFile:Kent.png
File:Kent Keeps With The Heroine.pngFile:Kent Pats The Heroine.pngFile:Kent Twitter Icon.png
File:Kent Visual Novel.jpgFile:Kent explaining the Heroine's situation.pngFile:Kiss Of The Heart.png
File:Lucky Clover Holding Hands.pngFile:Luka Visual Novel.jpgFile:Mine Visual Novel.jpg
File:Monobook Background.pngFile:Mysterious Lady.pngFile:Mysterious Text.png
File:Near The Train Tracks.pngFile:Orion.pngFile:Orion Explains The Heroine's Amnesia.png
File:Orion Full Body.pngFile:Orion Greets The Heroine In The Morning.pngFile:Orion Human Form.jpg
File:Orion Reappears.pngFile:Orion Visual Novel.jpgFile:Orion With Kent & Heroine.png
File:Photo of the Heroine, Toma and Shin.pngFile:Pouring Coffee.pngFile:Quiet Tea.png
File:Recall.jpgFile:Recall Extra.jpgFile:Rika.png
File:Rika Speaks To Ikki & Heroine.pngFile:Rika Visual Novel.jpgFile:Sawa.png
File:Sawa & Mine Explain What Happened.pngFile:Sawa & Mine Greet Heroine.pngFile:Sawa Visual Novel.jpg
File:Sawa Warns The Heroine.pngFile:Shin's Deadly Confession.pngFile:Shin's hood up.jpg
File:Shin.pngFile:Shin And Heroine Discuss Their Relationship.pngFile:Shin And Toma With The Heroine.png
File:Shin Blushes.pngFile:Shin Catches The Heroine.pngFile:Shin Confronts Heroine About Amnesia.png
File:Shin Explains Everything.pngFile:Shin Feels Demented.pngFile:Shin Kicks The Fireworks Spinner.png
File:Shin Twitter Icon.pngFile:Shin Visual Novel.jpgFile:Shin With The Heroine At Home.png
File:Shin being fed.jpgFile:Shin handholding.jpgFile:Shin hugs.png
File:Shin leaving.pngFile:Sinking Heroine.pngFile:Slow Heroine.png
File:Spade Kissing The Rose.pngFile:Speaking As Fireworks Sparkle.pngFile:Table Hockey.png
File:The Heroine Gets Dressed.pngFile:The Heroine In A Yukata.pngFile:The Heroine Outside Her Apartment.png
File:The Heroine Refuses Shin's Kiss.pngFile:The Heroine Talks On The Phone With Sawa.pngFile:The Heroine meet Ukyo again at night.png
File:The Three Friends Walk Home.pngFile:The Three In Ikki's Bedroom.pngFile:The Two Speak Together At Work.png
File:Toma's Casual Behavior With The Heroine.pngFile:Toma.pngFile:Toma & Shin walking the Heroine home.png
File:Toma Twitter Icon.pngFile:Toma Visual Novel.jpgFile:Troubled Shin.png
File:Tumblr inline mp2w4i89ni1qz4rgp.jpgFile:Tumblr mg32h9QYt81r0omjko1 500 large.jpgFile:Ukyo.png
File:Ukyo Reappears.pngFile:Ukyo Twitter Icon.pngFile:Ukyo Visual Novel.jpg
File:Waka.pngFile:Waka Visual Novel.jpgFile:Walking Up The Trail.png
File:Washing Dishes.pngFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.png
File:Wiki.pngFile:WinxS7E06 Roxy.jpgFile:Work Reunion.png
File:Zoetrope.jpgFile:Zoetrope Extra.jpg
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