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Kent Visual Novel.jpg
Kanji ケント
Rōmaji Kento
Alias Ken (by Ikki)
Race Human
Age 25
Birthday September 23
Horoscope Libra
Height 190 cm (6'3")
Gender Male
Eyes Green
Hair Mousy Brown
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation Maid's Sheep Diamond/Joker's Route only
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Route Clover
First Appearance
Visual Novel AMNEƧIA
Anime I
Seiyū Akira Ishida
Tyler Galindo (English)
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Kent (ケント, Kento) is a university graduate and Ikki's best friend.


He is a very tall, lean-built and slightly muscular young man who has messy, mousy brown hair along with green eyes.[1]

Kent wears squared glasses with black frames that cover all but the top portion of his lens. His glasses evidently lack temples on either side to firmly position itself on Kent's face; instead, its nose pads are the ones maintaining the eyewear upon Kent's nose.<, ref name="AMNEƧIA" /> However, it has been shown occasionally that Kent's glasses do indeed have black temples attached to the end pieces.[2]

While Kent's usual clothes are typically simple, in terms of basic clothing, its fashion style is actually very distinctive and elaborate. He wears a black shirt with a tight turtleneck and black-and-gray pants, notably patterned with a diamond motif, tucked underneath black boots that have a flat heel. Kent's boots have a triple line running from the top to the bottom on the front, with a white line between two black ones, and at the top is a rectangular silver buckle, which dangles freely over his feet. Overall these pieces of clothing is a black trench coat with green inner lining that reaches up to Kent's ankles, except for a section of the clothing on the wearer's left front, where the ends of that section are cut short and leave a rather lengthy opening on the trench coat that exposes much of Kent's left leg and parts of his right. The collar of the trench coat is very high, as it reaches just below Kent's chin, and near the front, there are two extensions sticking out, similar to loose belts. In relation to this, his trench coat is designed with numerous belt attachments. On his entire left sleeve, there is a total of ten belts strapped against the cloth and closed with a square silver buckle; likewise, there are eight belts strapped on the left front side of his trench coat, specifically four on his chest and four below his waist, and with the ones attached to Kent's left leg stretching around the back of his outfit to the very center. All belts have a rectangular silver buckle with a single prong. On Kent's right, just bordering the edge of the front, there is a long black patch of cloth with a silver border, extending from just below the trench coat's collar to almost the outfit's ends. A silver, marble-like stud is pierced over the upper end of the cloth patch. Patterned over this patch is a green extension that runs across Kent's chest horizontally, all the way to his back's left side, with two openings on opposite ends of the front and two black clovers patterned between them. In a space between these clover patterns, is a matching green extension that runs vertically from the trench coat's collar to the ends of the outfit. There are six openings near the upper portion of it, set into two groups of three openings. Roughly found between the center of both groups is a rectangular silver buckle that, conveniently, is right between the two black clovers on the green extension beneath. The result of both long pieces intersecting one another is a cross-like pattern on the entire right side of Kent's trench coat. In the upper right space in this "cross" is a distinctive pattern consisting of a green clover over a matching-colored spiderweb, which moreover has four arrows emerging from the center. To this pattern's right are four silver studs patterned over Kent's shoulder. Furthermore, on his right sleeve, just below his shoulder, there is a green belt wrapped around it. Then, stretching from the trench coat's right side to the very back of its left, near the end of the clothing, there are two lengthy patches of black cloth with silver borders. Around Kent's waist is a black belt that is positioned diagonally and held up through a silver buckle. Kent finishes his outfit with green gloves.[1]


He has a very intelligent mindset, which is also reflected In his friendships and relationships with others. He is very kind and interesting. Many times, he will ask someone to rephrase themselves in a more intellectual manner so he can understand them more clearly. He often sends the Heroine text messages mainly containing 'goodnight' and 'good morning', because the heroine demands it but he doesn't know what to write or why she wants them. He does not know much about dating and goes about dating her in a very analytical manner, but his feelings for her are very sincere.

In the visual novel, he was given a more awkward and insensitive personality. He expresses his affection in a very awkward way, like leaning down nervously to kiss the heroine but bumping forehead to forehead instead. He also has a habit of launching into lectures that seem to go on forever. He has a very conservative and traditional set of moral values, giving her an announcement of intending to propose to her while on one knee and kissing the back of her hand.

File:Kent proposes.png

Kent proposes

Over the course of the game, he learns to express affection better and to be a little more sensitive to the heroine's emotions.



Visual Novel[]


Heart's Route[]

In this route, at the Shinano trip, he explains the information about the Heroine and how she got injured after falling from a cliff.

Spade's Route[]

In the next route, He first appears to challenge Ikki to math problems but got interrupted by the Heroine. At Ikki's house, Kent explaining almost everything about Ikki and how they met.

On August 24, Kent meet up with the Heroine instead of Ikki. Kent is surprised to see that she is walking home, although he did hear rumors of how Ikki was starting to entertain the other girls. Kent offers to take the Heroine and act as a bodyguard so that Ikki doesn't become worried. Along the way home, Kent discusses his interest in Ikki and how he was wasn't lying when he said he was interested in those eye powers, but that it wasn't everything either. He also finds Ikki's character interesting not to mention this is the first time that he's seen Ikki truly serious and in love with a girl. He explains about how Ikki is trapped in a never-ending loop of despair by going out with a girl that he might manage to get to like, but then having to part with her and then pick up another one.

Clover's Route[]

If the player chooses Kent, she will wake up in her room on August 1st, and receive a message telling her to meet him at the Maid's Sleep. Having no idea who Kent is, the Heroine will sit down in a random seat once she arrives at the cafe. Kent will come over and ask if she's hinting that she doesn't want to sit with him. He'll then state that if she has a problem or is unhappy she should tell him or else he won't understand. When the Heroine continues to stay quiet, he asks why she isn't blurting things out like she usually does. He asks if she's keeping quiet because she's afraid to lose in an argument and comments on how it's a laudable decision. He then states that she should swallow her pride and apologize since that would solve everything, but is completely astonished when she does because the past Heroine would never have apologized so easily. He stares at her suspiciously and apologizing as well before stating they should leave, as he's been sitting there for a long time. He asks for the bill before remembering that the Heroine wasn't very good at calculations and asks her to calculate the total. Later, they walk around silently, with Kent being too fast and the Heroine struggling to keep up. The whole walk is silent until he reaches the Heroine's house before he asks them if they're content or if they should walk some more. He reveals that the walking was supposed to be a date, and explains that one of his friends told him that newly dating couples should walk aimlessly around the station and such. He mutters about how he doesn't understand the meaning of the walk and explains that he doesn't really know what couples do on dates. Before leaving, he tells the Heroine that if she has any complaints, she should tell him directly and that he'll text her later.

August 2, Kent calls her and asks if she's not coming over that day, and apologizes if she's still angry about the day before yesterday. She'll ask about her work and he'll reveal that she worked at Maid's Sheep. He gets the idea that she probably forgot something at the cafe and tells her to come over after retrieving her item. After getting a manual from work, the Heroine will return to her house to find Kent accidentally walking into a telephone pole. He'll notice the Heroine there and states that he came to pick her up. They then head over to his house. Kent mutters about how she's been strange since yesterday and that he doesn't understand why. The day passes silently with the Heroine studying the cafe manual and Kent working on his projects.

August 3, Kent texts her to come over to his research lab at his university. He's surprised when she calls him about being lost when she's in front of his university entrance since she could have just asked someone about where he was. He chides her lack of reasoning but then gets embarrassed because she depended on him instead of someone else. In the lab, Kent tells the Heroine that she can simply relax because there's rarely anyone around. Later, when the Heroine is deciding to leave since it's gotten pretty late, Kent will stop her and question her recent change in behavior. He's suddenly interrupted by Ikki behind him, who says, "Don't move. You move you die." Kent tells him to tell his family that he fought until his last breath and Ikki tells him that he'll pass that message on and then he releases Kent and shows him the math puzzle that Kent gave him, asking him if he's right. Kent checks it and tells Ikki that he is as skilled as ever, to which Ikki replies that it's all because of Kent. When Ikki tries to flirting with his girlfriend to test his "powers", he becomes jealous and states that it's the one he won't forgive him for, but Ikki's eyes turn out to be ineffective.

Kent finally introduces Ikki properly to her as his no-good friend who believes that his eyes have powers. Ikki interrupts to say that his eyes really do have powers and that she's the first girl who hasn't been affected. He asks if it's because she's so in love with Kent that she can resist his powers, but Kent denies the possibility. He says that she doesn't like him and that he's almost certain she hates him. The Heroine will recall a memory before fainting, and Kent becomes very worried about her and tells her not to push herself. He even apologizes for bringing up bad memories which make Ikki interested as he comments on how it seems complicated. The Heroine heads home afterward, while Kent and Ikki go out to drink since she's underage.

August 4-5, he been text messages to Heroine at night and his late text to her that he wants her meet him on August 7 since she doesn't have work.

August 7, During their date, He is not interested in other people and his only interest in her. His reason that he wanted to talk to her is that she said she wanted to broke up with him. Even though he's still interested in her though, so he doesn't have any intentions to break up unless she's asking for it.

August 8, He stops as soon as he starts though and asks her what she is thinking and why she's so silent. As the Heroine answer her questions, He sighs before answering that he thinks about a lot of things. He points out that there are a lot of couples on this street and that he wonders why they're all holding hands. He also says "I also think about why I want to hold your hand. However, no matter how much I think about it I cannot find the necessity of it". Then he goes into a long explanation about the possible reasons that couples want to hold hands and he compares it to their situation. He doesn't think that she holds any love for him and they haven't really done much and so taking her hand might seem too fast. He also doesn't have a reason to hold her hands, yet he wants to. Finally, he haltingly comes to the conclusion "I.. like you... I guess... It's just that I want to touch you". Kent also explains that because he's always thinking these things he ends up walking fast to get away from her before he grabs her hand. He apologizes for walking too fast and then tells her that when they started dating his attitude changed and he kind of enjoys it. He wants to continue going out with her but then tells her that he still doesn't understand why her own attitude changed.

He asks if she has any other questions, but the Heroine just asks if they can hold hands. Kent is surprised, but then blushes and says that if she's alright with it then he will. So they hold hands and Kent mutters about how Ikki would find the current situation hilarious. Then Kent asks if she wants to ask about what he's thinking of and she does so he tells her that he'll talk about yesterday's conversation. Kent points out that he came to the wrong conclusion that she wanted to break up with him because she was talking about her friend wanting to get close to Kent. In the end, he tells her that Ikki told him to say these words to convey his feelings and so he quotes Ikki by telling her "Whoever has thoughts of getting closer has no relation to me. I like you and those feelings can't be swayed...Wouldn't you agree?". When she thanks him, he looks away with embarrassment and adds a little haltingly that if that's the case then it's good. After their conversation ends he tells her that they should head back to her house because it's getting cold.

August 9, Kent tells her that he knows about himself, and he helps her prepare for math problems. He appears to more like a lover to her.

August 10, He is informed by the Heroine about she encounter Ukyo, who wanted to kill her. Kent and her muse on how the man could have just been a figment of her imagination and there's a low possibility of him being an actual killer. He notices her scared face though and asks her if there is anyone who is out to get her. She replies that there isn't and so then he tells her that she doesn't need to be so scared then. Suddenly, he moves closer to her and then apologizes for it. He also tells her that from now on he'll escort her home so she doesn't have to meet Ukyo again. Suddenly Ikki comes again and challenges him again and Kent apologizes for Ikki's intrusion and this draws Ikki's attention to her again. However, he becomes jealous of Ikki patting her head. After he left, he imitates what Ikki did, but rubbing her head saying that it's not like he's doing this because he was jealous of seeing another man do it. He rants on about how he also isn't afraid of patting her head and that if she wants him to then he won't hold back from doing that. Kent stops rubbing her head so hard and apologizes before telling her that Ikki's actions just pissed him off. Kent explains that Ikki is a fast moving man and that he might pat her head now, but the next time would be her shoulders or something and then he tells her that he's afraid her feelings for him if she has anything, will be swayed by Ikki. He apologizes again for showing her this side of him and escorts her home, saying that she should return early.

August 11, Kent visited at Heroine's workplace for the first time, he comments her that she looks good in the maid uniform. He ends up explaining that he came here to apologize for his actions yesterday and to celebrate the fact that they've been dating for half a month already. He apologizes for taking her away from work and then tells her he'll wait for her to finish before walking her home.

August 12, He calls the Heroine asking her where she is because he wanted to escort her and he forgot her promise to meet her at the firework festival since he had no interest in it, he comes an hour later. They head off to the fireworks festival to catch the end of it. It starts raining and so Kent goes off to buy an umbrella for them and then asks her if she's alright with him standing this close to her. She replied that she doesn't mind if he's closer and this makes Kent blush and ask her if she says these things on purpose to see his reaction. They chat a bit and he asks her what her favorite booth is since he doesn't know a lot about festivals like these as he never had interest in them.

If they win anything he'll take care of them at his home since he's interested in observing them much like he observes humans. He confesses that he forgot about this because he had no interest in it, but he ended up having a lot of fun. It's the same as when he went out with her, he thought that it'd be impossible, but he's having fun. But then at this route, it is believed that Mine has a crush on him.




In anime, it's similar to his route, but he discovers the Heroine's amnesia and Orion's existence early.

Skills and Talents[]

His parents raised him with the belief that everything has some sort of logical conclusion, thus he believes anything can be solved using logic. His interests include devising math puzzles and observing things; as such, he likes every animal because he enjoys observing them.




He doesn't have much relationship with the heroine throughout all the episodes in the anime since he doesn't understand much about dating and starting a romantic relationship with a girl and often demands her to express her feelings in a more obvious way getting to know her better. It turned out that he had feelings for her when she turns out to be an unexpected fun towards him and the two begin to develops feelings for each other and he becomes more affectionate to her.


Kent and Ikki are best friends. He is the only one Ikki allows to call "Ikkyu" and similarly Ikki is the only one who can call Kent "Ken". They often challenge each other with math problems that they created, and they're somewhat evenly matched. Though they're good friends, Kent does get jealous when Ikki is with the Heroine in his route.


Kent was the only guy out of the five to try and talk to Orion directly. Due to logical deduction and the heroine's behavior, he believes the heroine when she told him about Orion and thus tried to talk to him in order to help her.


"You see...There's something I think about when we walk like this...This path has a lot of couples. Why are they all holding hands while walking? For some reason, I want to hold your hand, too. But no matter how I think about it, I can't find a reason to do so. Why is everyone holding hands? Is it a ritual to confirm one's affection? Is it just one step in increasing levels of physical contact? And what about in our case? I doubt you have any affection for me. And I think it's too early to increase our level of physical contact. In other words, there's no necessity for this action. And yet I want to hold your hand. Why? I'm sure you would become angry if I suddenly grabbed your hand. What reason could I give to explain this to you? Would you simply shake me off? And is it ever necessary to hold hands? Am I simply trying to conform to the couples surrounding us? If I can't find a logical reason, I can't accept it. But I like you... And I just, I... want to feel your touch. When I walk next to you, I can't help but notice your hands. And that makes me walk faster. Maybe it was a little too fast for you to keep up. If so, I apologize...."


  • Kent was the first guy to know Orion's existence.
  • He was one of the two guys that didn't kiss the Heroine in the anime adaption.


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