Ikki's Fanclub
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Race Japanese
Gender Female
Hair Black (Fangirl 1)

Light Brown (Fangirl 2)

Blue (Fangirl 3)

Professional Status
Personal Status
Status Alive
Route Spade



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Ikki's Fanclub is a group of girls who are all obsessed with Ikki. Only 3 of the girls (not including Rika) have been named and given distinguishing features.

Appearance Edit

There are three primary fangirls that are seen throughout the games where they all have matching outfits with black berets, black neck collars, low-cut sweaters with black lace trimming, black miniskirts and black knee-high boots.

  • Fangirl #1 has waist-length black hair wearing a light purple sweater (white in the game) with a flower on the top of her right chest.
  • Fangirl #2 has long auburn hair tied into a ponytail wearing a light green sweater.
  • Fangirl #3 has short blue hair wearing a dark blue sweater and a silver pendant.

Personalities Edit

The three girls all adore Ikki, all having dated him in the past and they are obsessed to the point of creating a rule allowing a girl to only date Ikki for three months, but they also will threaten any girl who gets close to him.

History Edit

The girls' pasts are not explored, though at some point, they all dated Ikki. After he broke up with them, they all joined the Ikki Fanclub. In Spade's Route, the girls bully the Heroine after she loses her memory, believing she is trying to take Ikki from them. In both the Diamond and Joker routes, they believe the same after they see Ikki with the Heroine.

Role Edit

Spade's Route Edit

Throughout the route, the fanclub serves as antagonists where they threaten and bully the Heroine. In the anime, they push her out to the middle of a lake on a faulty boat, which sinks and causes her to drown. In the Good Ending, Ikki confronts the fanclub and tells them to stop bullying the Heroine and interfering in their relationship, but he promises to still see them as long as the Heroine is fine with it.

Diamond's Route Edit

The fangirls are again antagonists, believing that she is dating Ikki, when in actuality she is asking for advice to confess to Toma. They severely bully her until the misunderstanding is cleared up, although Toma and Ikki make sure that they atone for their crimes.

Joker's Route Edit

The fangirls are angry at the Heroine for joining the fanclub when she's not in love with Ikki. They try to kill her several times, but she was always saved by Ukyo, who would warn her of the impending danger. But on August 25th, the girls are informed by Ura Ukyo that the Heroine will be at the shrine that night. They severely harass her and lock her up in the shrine before setting off fireworks extremely close. The shrine catches on fire and the girls escape in panic. The Heroine would have died if Ukyo had not saved her.

In Amnesia Later, after learning of the lengths the fanclub went to harm the heroine, Rika, along with Ukyo, set up a meeting to address their actions. They apologize to the heroine for the constant bullying and attempt on her life, and not being able to remember what they did to her, she forgives them, although Rika seems more than willing to punish them for their behavior. It is during this meeting that one of them points out Ukyo as the man who told them where the heroine would be on August 25th, to which Rika explains that Ukyo is the heroine's boyfriend and so it would be natural for him to know where his girlfriend is. After this revelation, the fanclub is no longer antagonistic toward the heroine and treats her kindly, even going so far as to show concern for her and contacting Rika when noticing she is significantly upset at work.

Trivia Edit

  • The names of the three primary fangirls are only revealed in the Spade's Route which are:
    • Miki
    • Maya
    • Taeko
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