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Ikki Visual Novel
Kanji イッキ
Rōmaji Ikki
Alias Ikster

Ikkyu (real name)

Race Human
Age 22
Birthday June 1st
Horoscope Gemini
Height 183 cm (6'0")
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair White (game)
Light Blue (anime)
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Occupation Maid's Sheep Spade/Diamond/Joker's Route only
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Sister
Route Ikspade
First Appearance
Visual Novel AMNEƧIA
Anime I
Seiyū Kishō Taniyama
Blake Shepard (English)
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Ikki (イッキ, Ikki) is Kent's best friend.


Ikki is a tall, slender young man with blue eyes. His short hair is whiteish light blue, though its right side is notably shoulder-length, unlike its left. Additionally, over his left ear is a hair clip shaped like a black spade, accordingly with Ikki's attributing symbol.

He wears a blue-and-black shirt that is vertically striped. Around the closed collar is a long, black necktie. Over Ikki's shirt is a black coat that is predominantly closed, save for its bottom half, where it is also noticeably designed to slant more downward on the front rather than in the back. Around his left sleeve is a black cloth with several silver buckles attached to it. On the left front is a white circle patterned on it with numerous smaller circles within. To the pattern's lower right is a silver brooch with a spade engraving. Beneath it is a row of six silver buttons parallel to another set on the other side of Ikki's coat. They are separated by a pair of white lines that stretch to the bottom of Ikki's coat before turning sideways and moving around the back of it. On Ikki's right front, underneath his top three silver buttons, there is a patch with gray borders that is moreover attached to his left collar. As for the bottom three silver buttons, each one is attached to the other on the opposite side, with a black chain. Below Ikki's waist, he wears blue-and-black pants that have a diamond pattern, which covers over his black heeled shoe. On his left, he wears a thigh-high black boot with a white cross pattern made on the front because of the strings. Lastly, he wears a pair of blue gloves.

Ikki has a blue spade tattooed on his left cheek below his left eye.


At first, Ikki appears to be a playboy, who likes to flirt with girls. However, he is actually a kind and attentive person. After making a wish upon a shooting star to be popular with girls when he was a child, he felt a bit depressed. Ikki wasn't able to grow close to anyone and became distant with his friends because his popularity increased as he got older. Later on, he thought it was his punishment for making such a wish. The only times Ikki lost his temper was when he yelled at Heroine, since he was concerned about her safety and told her to be careful if one of his fan girls saw her because she didn't follow what he said and when he confronted Rika and his ex girlfriends to leave them be. 


When Ikki was a child, he wished for girls to fall for him upon a shooting star, and that wish came true. All the girls around him started to act differently towards him. As Ikki grew older, he lost his ability to grow close to others. He regrets making that wish and wonders if it was his punishment.


Visual NovelEdit


Spade RouteEdit

August 1, Ikki calls the Heroine since they have a day off, he ask her out and tells her that he is going to stop by in 30 minutes. However on his way, his fans shows up and block his path to the Heroine's apartment. He tells them that he will go out with them later, because he made a promise the Heroine, but one of the fans replied that they wanted him to ditch her. After his fan leaves, he visits her and apologizes for the long wait. He takes off his sunglasses and he said as his apology for making her wait, he will grant her any wish she wants, he moves closer to her and tells her to look into his eyes and repeats again that he'll grant her anything she wishes and asks what she thinks about when he's standing this close to her. When the Heroine tells him that he's a little close to her, he laughs and tells her that she really is too innocent. He wants to come closer but he steps a little away from her and then mentions that he doesn't expect anything from her anyways and they should head off to the movies now as he puts back his sunglasses.

In the theatre, he apologizes for his condition that always troubles the heroine and says that in the darkness of the theatre where no one is looking at him he can finally see her face clearly. After the movie, Ikki talks about how the time is already this late and that they both should go home because of their part-time job tomorrow. He asks her if she knows her wish for him to grant and she tells him that she wants him to escort her to work tomorrow. He tells her that it's an odd request, but he'll grant it and that it's no problem because they work at the same place and have the same shift. Ikki tells the heroine that she should rest well tonight, since she's been acting a little strange all day.

August 2, as he takes the Heroine to work. Ikki shows her to make the parfait. Suddenly as the Heroine fainted, and is suggested by Shin that she should go home and rest, he argue at him about he should be more delicate to females and Shin snaps at him about how he always says that, but he's just using those words to seduce them. Ikki muses on how that might be true, but women like to be seduced, but by stopped by their manager, Waka and they should get back to work.

After work, he comes by to say that he'll walk her home and that they'll meet at the usual place. As he wait for her, the group of fan girls again, but this time he has his sunglasses on. The girls ask if he's going to walk home with them, but he responds that he isn't really and then tells them that he'll walk with them halfway.

Few minutes later, He calls her and and tells her that he was waiting at the usual place, but she didn't show. She replied that she doesn't well, he understand and he apologize for making her have to go to the usual place and tells her not to move from her place and tell him the landmarks so that he can get to her. August 3, After work, he'll walk the Heroine home as he worried if she collapsed again. He becomes very serious and asks her if she's hiding anything from him, because she's been acting strange ever since that first day. He tells her that she doesn't have to bear things alone and that she should rely on him since he's her boyfriend. As they walk he talks about how he thinks that she might like him, but then asks her if she thinks that's conceited of him to think that way. He tells her that he isn't expecting an answer though. When they finally get to the front of her house, Ikki asks her slowly "Should I return your bag?", and adds, "Ah, it'd probably be best to return it. Come closer". Suddenly he pin her to the wall, and about to kiss her, but he whisper t her that her eyes are not closed and it's hard to kiss her like this, less she's resisting him. He talks about how it seems like he was conceited to think that she liked him that way. Ikki tries again and whispers to the Heroine to close her eyes and then huskily tells her "... I won't do.. anything scary." As the Heroine didn't close her eyes, he exhale loudly and before stepping away and saying that it seems like she still won't let him. He talks about how he thought she's be defeated by this kind of thing this time and that it's taken a month to get to this point. He wonders out loud if it'll take another month to repair his reputation with her and that this is the first time he's had such a hard time with a girl. he talks about how this is also the first time a girl hasn't fallen for him from the beginning and he wonders if she also counts as his girl who is a friend and thinks about how that wouldn't be so bad. However, Ikki then smirks and says that he was lying. In a month he wants to be able to make her fall for him. He ends with "Admitting defeat is something that I won't do"

August 4, At work, Ikki informs the Heroine that he has some business after work and so he won't be able to walk her home. Work continues on as usual, although this time a group of girls come in asking for Ikki and wanting him to teach them how to be maids and give them their mail address. He tells them that he can't give them his address, though if they find him walking home they can ask any questions that they want.

Ikster send the Heroine a text message that he apologize for not being able to walk her home.

August 5, At work, Ikki asks Waka about what Shin told him. Waka tells them that Shin said he saw the heroine run away crying when Ikki forced himself on her. Ikki nonchalantly says that those words are cruel because he didn't even kiss her. Waka already realized that the situation was probably like that, but tells them to keep their relationship separate from work. Ikster ask the Heroine and if she has been acting strangely because of how close he is to her, but then mentions that it probably isn't that reason even though he'd be happy if it was. He asks her if she'll tell him what is going on in her life now, but it's a secret. Ikki sighs gently but abides by her wishes and tells her that he'll wait for her to come to him even though he thought she'd have enough confidence in him to rely on him.

After work, Ikki tells the Heroine to meet at the same place they always do and then walks out. Outside, he is surrounded by girls as usual and they ask him if he can walk home with them but he uses the excuse that he's busy writing a paper for University.

August 7, At work, he talks to the Heroine that she should be careful with her body, because it wouldn't be good if she caught a cold. At square he talks the trip they are going to at the mountain, and he calculate that he has two weeks later of dating the Heroine.

At home, Ikki text her a message that he will bring of friend of his to the trip, who isn't nice person.

August 8, After work, as Mine asks to talk to Ikki for 10 minutes. He tries to excuse himself out of it by talking about how busy he is and how he promised to walk with the Heroine, but ultimately concedes and tells the Heroine to wait for him.

30 minutes later, and he runs to the meeting spot and apologizes for making her wait. He notices that her hands are freezing and offers to hold hands with her, because his body has been warmed by his running but then he talks about how she'll probably say no. He's surprised that the Heroine agrees and so the both of them hold hands as he walks her to her house. When she ask him about Mine, he tells her that she said the usual things like why he hasn't dumped the Heroine yet and if he wouldn't rather go out with her instead and that she'd be more fun. He says, he refused and then he starts muttering to himself about how there are many women that say that to him, not just Mine. Ikki even admits that sometimes he might just hate women expect for the Heroine since she didn't fell in love with him.

At work, Ikki text her about if she doing to confess him, but she won't. He replies promptly with that he didn't think she would and that he wouldn't confess in that situation either. He thanks her and says that he's feeling relieved for some reason.

August 9, After work, he and Kent challenge each other on solving math puzzles, but the Heroine thought they are going to fight which stop them.

At night, Ikki offers to escort The Heroine back home and so Kent replies that he'll excuse himself as well then. While he goes to get his stuff, Ikki stands up and steps closer to the Heroine and says that with Kent's departure so will her courage depart and so she'll probably want to go home, but then he adds "...Unless, you want to sleep over? I don't mind and I can give you a change of clothes?". There's a long awkward silence until Ikki suddenly starts snickering before laughing out loud and apologizing to her for laughing, but that her frantic face was too funny. Ikki escort her back home.

August 10, At night, Ikki planed to take the Heroine to see the fireworks, but his fan girls surround him again and they can released him if he kiss them on the cheek, but his close friend, Rika stopped them and leave. After the fireworks, Ikki take Rika home since they live the same direction. 

August 11, He take the Heroine to see movie after work, he ask her of which movie she wanted to see, her answer is to watch a horror movie, which he was surprised she choose that movie and he thought she hated it.He smirks at that though and tells her that he'll hold her if she gets scared and so they go in to watch the movie where he also notes that there's few people around. Ikki teases her asking her what he should do since there's no one to see them. After the work, Ikki reminded her that they will have a day off, but he can't hang out with her since he has other business.

August 14, Ikki comes and visit The Heroine at her house since he notice that she hasn't replied to his text or call him, and he puts on a strange mask to keep his identify secret from his fan girls, thinking of it as defense mechanism. After Toma and Kent left, he leans over to check on the Heroines's fever and then while staring at her softly says that he was worried about her. He sighs quietly and then says "I almost can't believe it. I've never seen myself act like this before.When you're around I become strange...But I also become happy...Listening to your voice and hearing your breaths calms me down...Being by your side makes me content... That's why in order to see you, I did these stupid things *sigh*... I'm not very cool, am I" When she ask him if he likes her, he replied yes. He ask her if he can stay and take care if her until she gets better and she agree. He started making dinner for her and says he won't do anything weird when she's sleeping. He admits it'd be nice if she says she loves him too, because they only have two weeks left.

August 15, Ikki has to leave because he has work and wants her to lock the door behind him and he tells her to call him if any happens. He can't return to her house because he has other business.

August 16, At night Ikki calls her that He tells her that he's currently on his way home and has actually entered and is taking his shoes off. He asks about her health and if she's going to go to sleep yet and that if she hasn't then she should to keep up her strength. He orders her to change and climb into her bed, but doesn't want to end their phone call at all. He said "I guess I lost. Honestly, I only called to make sure you were properly going to sleep but...The sounds of you moving could be heard through the phone and I started having ideas of what you could possibly be doing. I sound like a pervert, don't I?" It turns out Ikki was just talking about how it felt like the Heroine was right beside him in the house when he talks to her through the phone. He adds that it'd be better if it weren't just a fantasy though. Silence reigns for a few minutes before Ikki confesses that he wants to continue to talk to her, but then adds that his request is probably troublesome. There's something that's really troubling him right now. He wanted to ask for her opinion, but he suddenly stops, says goodnight, then hangs up.

August 17, After work ends Ikki apologizes for saying strange things yesterday and tells the Heroine not to worry about it. He also informs her that he won't be able to phone her tonight or walk her home because he has some business.

At night he calls her and wanted to hear her voice. He really wanted to meet her and to talk to her anything, she answer if she can come over to his house. At his room,  he notes that the night walk managed to sober him up a bit and then apologizes for making her walk in that cold. While sitting there in silence, he suddenly says to her if she sleeping over. He pushes her onto the bed and cradles her while whispering he won't go anything to her tonight. He doesn't want her to leave, it'll be painful for him. He ends up telling her that a lot of girls are confessing to him lately, most likely because his three-months relationship with the heroine will end soon. Ikki has no choice but to reject them, but it hurts him a lot whenever they cry and start blaming him.. how a girl confessed to him and he refused her with a laugh and that even though she was crying as if she'd die he couldn't think about anything but seeing the Heroine. He ask her if he's a bad person for that and then explains his philosophy.He feels crushed under the pressure. All he can think about was "please end this mess already, I want to see my girlfriend", but he knows he will always feel this pressure.. as long as he has those eyes. He knows that he can't run away from the burden of having these eyes that can charm any women and so he decided that he'd amuse himself with them. For three months he'd date a girl and treat her like a princess and make sure that she has fun, but after the three months he's break up with her. He asks her what is so wrong about that when both parties are happy and understand the conditions. But then he adds that there are some girls who just don't understand when they're rejected and continue to try and be together with him and he talks about how their feelings are a heavy weight. Every time he heard her voice, make him feels feel lighter and relaxes him. Then he wonders why his eyes have these affects and says that no one has been able to explain it. Before going to sleep, he apologizes for talking about these heavy serious topics, but that he was happy she listened to him, and then tells her to talk to him instead. He confesses that hearing her voice makes him feel relaxed enough to sleep.

August 18, Ikki informs the Heroine about Rika being the coordinator for their trip and that she should depend on him as her boyfriend.

August 19-21, day one, Ikki and other females went to the Shinano trip. He plays pools to show his fan girls how to play, and he whisper to the Heroine while playing to watch him. Day two, at night he and the Heroine to go watch to stars together.He points out that she probably doesn't want to continue on in the dark forest anyway. But then he tells her that now that they're alone he has something he wants to ask. He asks her if what she said at lunch to Mine and Sawa was true and that his eyes had an affect on her. He says that it was the first time he heard her say that and he asks her why she never spoke of it before and then adds "I don't really think so but... You don't believe in those rumors about "He breaks up with women who fall in love with him" right?" She replied that she doesn't believe them now and he thanks her for that. Finally the two of them reach the place where they can view the stars and Ikki comments on how beautiful they are. He suddenly starts talking about a time when he was small and wished upon a star to be popular with girls. He laughs at himself and tells her that he was an odd child and that his wish was definitely different from others. But then he adds that the personality of the girls around him started changing. As they see the shooting star, he kissed her, and makes another wish that she will fell in love with him, and confessed his love for her.

August 23, At night as he got back, Ikki was surprised that the Heroine come to his house to wait for him and takes her inside, as he wonder why she stand there if anyone see her. He asks her in a rising voice of anger "If I had come home with those girls what would you have done? Do you WANT to be glared at like that time at the trip!? and then he talks about how he said from the beginning that they might do dangerous things and treat her coldly. He asks her shakily if "Do you not believe in my words? Do you also doubt me? Do you think that I'm having fun with these girls?" He explains to her that during their trip someone showed him their phone which had captured all the cold looks and treatment directed to the Heroine. Ikki found out about the plot that was devised against her and so started investigating himself. The reason why he had to talk to Mine alone the other day was to find out if she had any part in it, but he realized that she was as worried about her as he was and so he stopped suspecting her. He only went out with his fan club members today to curry their favor. When she ask him why he's so angry and his voice is clearly shocked and angry as he tells her "... Why? Being doubted by the girl you love isn't a welcoming feeling! Because my warnings weren't sufficient enough, the girl I love was exposed to danger. I can't forgive myself for that...!". . He talks about how she was standing in outside in the cold and a potentially dangerous situation waiting for him just because she doubted his personality. He muses out loud in a low voice what she could possibly be doing all that for and tells her out right that he's bearing ten times of whatever she thinks she's bearing. He asks her if she was waiting for him because she was jealous and then asks what she has to be jealous of. He confesses "That makes me feel a bit happy... but you haven't even said that you liked me, so why are you jealous? You can't say it plainly can you? You haven't even prepared an answer, have you? "in a strained voice. He suddenly yells out that he's different and can she understand him, he loves her. His love is real if it could be done he'd want to be together with her throughout the day, holding her, kissinng her, and holding her o the point of being tired of it. But then he looks away and mutters "But what I've said can't be done...Your feelings haven't caught up to my feelings at all...In addition, if my real feelings were to be found out then no doubt you'd encounter something bad. ... I wonder how much longer I can bear this...". He pulls himself together as he talks about his past some more and how when he started dating girls they never lasted past 3 months. It wasn't said, but it was probably that after 3 months the girl that he was dating started facing a lot of cold treatment from other girls and so that was when he developed his 3 month rule. He would date a girl for 3 months and then after 3 months were over and he parted from her it was unspoken that she wouldn't be targeted anymore by anyone. His plan is to date the Heroine for 3 months and then separate from her in order to protect her from the constant bad treatment she is getting from everyone else. He'll release her for her own happiness and safety. At this point, Ikki looks away from the Heroine and whispers to himself "Hurry up and grow to like me... I only have one more week..." August 25, At work, Ikki appears while the two are talking and introduces himself to her father for the first time. When the Heroine's father appears shocked and then angry that her boyfriend is just another university student as well and he explains the situation of his daughter being unable to live by herself and so that he was trying to get her to come home. Ikki explains the solution they had come up with in sharing an apartment together, but her father laughs cruelly at that and thinks that it's a bad joke for his daughter to be living with another man. He also doesn't think Ikki will be able to support them either. Ikki explains that he already has his future planned out and he is in his 4th year of University. He has a job already waiting for him in a company that his parents own or something. He realizes that it must have been from meeting with her father and he tells her that he understands it's a big decision for her and that she probably doesn't want to be with a guy like him. However, if she is prepared to live with him then it'd be best if she gave him her answer as soon as possible so that he can protect her.

August 26, At work, he notices the Heroine blushing at him As it is he looks confused before smirking and asking if she's now noticing his powers. He asks her in a teasing voice "You can't just not say anything after blushing bright red and staring into someone's face"and then adds that he's wondering what is happening with this "young lady" since her attitude has changed. He starts smirking as he asks her if she has anything to say to him or if she wants him to ask her instead. Ikki wonders out loud if he's just being conceited again and then asks if she is finding herself affected by his eyes. He comes in front of her and counted to 10 to kiss her until Shin interrupted them.

After work, Ikki and Heroine walk home together. He asks her to give him her bag and he takes her hand and walks out of the cafe. Suddenly fan girls are completely surprised and ask for a reason and he tells them that her health is kind of bad today. The fan girls however tell him that he can't and that they won't permit it. Lucky Shin interrupt them and distract them as Ikki and The Heroine hide in the alley until they leave. Ikki is laughing in the alley saying that it seems everyone is gone and then apologizes for rushing her while she's still feeling bad. He also apologizes to her for dragging her into this mess. However, he asks her in a soft voice "I'm sure that the opposition and criticism will be strong, but I'll protect you. I really will. Will you stand with me...?". He falls silent before wondering if he can ask her about this morning. He asks her why she seemed to be affected by his eyes all of a sudden, but then says haltingly "If that isn't the case... um.. Could it be that you might... Ahh... What am I being so nervous about? I'm not being very cool...That's why... Um, in other words....I only show this stupid side of myself to you. I become strange in front of you....You are a very special person to me... Will you believe that?". When she tells him that he is also special to her and this surprises him and makes him laugh nervously why saying that those words make him really happy and grateful.

His voice is giddily happy as he says "What should I do, I'm so happy...Hmm.. it should be fine if I say it. Right now, I'm fighting the impulse to kiss you. It's taking my whole power... It's because of you. It's only you. This kind of state that I fall in. I don't really understand why" He tries to breath but then ends up saying "Ah... sorry. My reasoning is crumbling".Ikki's voice is a flat whisper as he tells her "I can't endure it anymore". He leans in and kisses her. He talks about how her lips taste of this cream from something that she ate and that the taste is sweet. hen he says she tastes delicious. He talks about the 5 days until he gets his answer of whether or not she's going to live with him and he talks about how he's really excited and impatient for that day. He also talks about how when he wasn't sure if she liked him and so he said he'd leave her in peace after 3 months, in truth he wasn't sure if he could continue on living. He laughingly tells her that no doubt he would have become an invalid.

August 28, when the Heroine explain everything to her since August 1, and then although he is surprised and doesn't know if he believes in spirits he realizes that she was acting weird. He also adds that he can't say anything about the existence of spirits since he does have these weird eye powers. He kind of laughs nervously and asks if she has anything she wants to ask him that she can feel free to talk to ask him about now. But then he says that this is situation is really troubling to him and then adds " what will be good? Is there anything I can do for you?". She ask him to hug her and he becomes shocked before quickly granting her request and then he realizes that she's been unhappy this whole time and didn't have anyone to talk to. He apologizes for not having said more normal things like why he liked her and how much he liked her, but then explains that he was impatient. He knew that they only had one month left together and wanted to get her to like him. In fact the time that he pushed her against the wall and was going to kiss her, he thought that he'd be allowed to because he saw that she was slowly growing to like him. He didn't expect for her to have lost all her memories the day before. He apologizes again and says he was impatient and in the end he caused her the most distress was him. He explains that any of the times he acted cold towards her was because he was trying to prevent her from getting into any dangerous situations with his fans. But he tells her that "But, it won't be like that anymore. Ah, if you lose your memories again I'll tell you everyday that I love you...From here on out, no matter what happens I'll protect you". Ikki wonders what they should talk about now and decides to tell her about the first time they met and things that she's forgotten about like all the little moments and times they spent together. He laughingly jokes about how she might be suspicious of him putting himself in a better light and so he tells her to take his words lightly.

August 29, The next day at work Ikki once again requests to walk home with the Heroine from the cafe. Waka comes by and notes that Ikki has finally settled down with a girl, to which Ikki replies that he decided long ago. Waka smirks at that and then gives Ikki a lecture about love being war and how if he's serious about the Heroine then he needs to be blunt with his fan girls. Ikki thanks Waka and even tells him that he'll take a look at the paper that Waka wrote about love being war. Waka tells him to go out there and tell his fan girls off now and Ikki smirks at that and replies with a laugh "yes, sir!".

August 30, at work , Ikki along with the Heroine confronted the Rika and his ex girlfriends, which they were very shocked at his expression of his. He slams his fist against the wall though and his voice is coldly emotionless as he tells them that he doesn't care what they do now except that they don't get in the way of him and the Heroine. He said tomorrow going to be the third month and it will be none of their business. If any of them harm the Heroine, he will never forgive them. After Rika and Ikki's ex girlfriends leaves, he apologize her to be involved into this and for saying that he'd meet with them. He explains that he was just practicing what Waka lectured to him about in the shop the other day. He also felt like those girls may have been victims to the power of his eyes. He also laughs a little at himself and thanks the fact that Waka wasn't here to see him lose his temper like this and that the wall broke a little after his punch, but Ikster appears saying that he did watch. In the end however, Waka approves of how Ikki handled it and Ikki thanks him with a smile though he has to fix the wall immediately. August 31, Ikkster meets her at the usual place after work and notes that it's the end of August, but then he tells her that the date shouldn't matter. If it did matter then they'd have a problem, he mentions with a chuckle. He tells her that he can sleep elsewhere and that they should go search for some futons. He apologizes a few seconds later though and tells her that he'll be trying to seduce her from now on. Ikki's voice is a promise as he tells her lowly "I won't force you, but I'll be tempting you to accept it....That's right... how about we test living together. Let's say... for a month?". He tells her that in that time he'll try to convince her to say that she wants to live with him. His next words are a husky whisper that every night while she lying down I'll murmur into her ear "I love you", "Come closer" and something else. Ikki lightly notes that she doesn't have anymore confidence in her resistance. His voice is a drawl as he asks if she loses so easily to his seductions. As the Heroine pouts at that and Ikki laughs at her affectionately before suddenly saying "Hey, there's something else that I want to do for the first time. Let's do it right now. Come with me!" and takes her by the hand to the middle of a station and busy sidewalk. He tells her that he's always wanted to try this and then he suddenly kiss her in front of everybody in the middle of the street and people start staring at them.

Heart RouteEdit

Ikki and Kent were the ones who found the Heroine after she fell at the villa in Shinano. Shin asks everyone involved in the incident to return to the villa, and Ikki and Kent help with the investigation.

Clover RouteEdit

Ikki is often helping Kent with his presentation, and even agreed to take the Heroine to the conference to support her boyfriend. But when she gets into an accident, Ikki covers for Kent as he rushes to the hospital to check on her.

Diamond RouteEdit

Ikki offers advice to the Heroine on how to win Toma's love. Unfortunately, Toma, Rika, and the fanclub mistakenly believe that Ikki and the Heroine were dating, and the fanclub ruthlessly harass her. After Toma had gathered evidence of their crimes, he and Ikki confront Rika and the fanclub. When the girls declare that they were doing it for Ikki, he becomes disgusted that they couldn't differentiate friendship and romance.

Joker RouteEdit

Ikki works at the cafe and considers both the Heroine and Rika the two girls he can be just friends with. He invited the Heroine to go see the fireworks on August 13th, but she cancels at the last second because she was concerned about Ukyo. Later, Ikki invited the Heroine to go to the villa in Shinano with Rika, but she again declines due to a warning she got from Ukyo days earlier.




In anime, his route is similar, but he doesn't know about her amnesia.

Skills and TalentsEdit

Ikki's hobbies include playing darts, billiards, and table tennis, as well as solving Kent's math puzzles. He is notably skilled at anything requiring him to use his hands.




Ikki is the boyfriend of the Heroine in his route. He became very interest in her since she was the only girl who didn't fall for his gaze, which made him refuse to give up.  He was really worried about the Heroine's safety. After she told him everything, including the fact that she had amnesia, he understood her and felt sorry that he didn't notice.


Ikki and Kent are best friends. He calls him "Ken". He and Kent love to solve math problems together and challenge each other.  


Ikki and Rika are close friends since middle school. He never dated her and he thinks of her as a classmate. At the end, he threatens her and his former girlfriends. He told them that if any of them harm the Heroine, he will never see them again or ever forgive them, especially to her. 


He and Shin work at the same place, and they are very close.


'i'm sure it'll be pretty the meteor shower." (=)

"if you lose your memories again , i'll tell you everyday i love you, no matter what happens i'll protect you" (=)

Visual NovelEdit


  • " I resolution." (覚悟、決めたよ, Kakugo, kimeta yo)


  • In the game, Ikki has white hair. But in anime, he has light blue hair.



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