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Air Date January 28, 2013
Opening Zoetrope
Ending Recall
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IV is the fourth episode of the AMNEƧIA anime. It aired on January 28, 2013.

Alone, the Heroine tries sorting out her problems and considers what she needs to do for hers and Shin's sakes. The two of them later head to a nearby shrine with the rest of their colleagues so that they can have their own fireworks show. Shin takes this opportunity to finally explain about the Heroine's incident when both are away from the others. Then, at the her own persistence, Shin reveals more of his past, from his early childhood to the recent months when they'd begun dating. Just as they start redeveloping their relationship, one morning, she awakens to find that Ikki has developed an unexpected interest in her.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Heroine hears Orion's voice call out to her.

While thinking about Shin's words, suddenly, the Heroine hears Orion's voice, faintly asking whether she can hear him. She becomes startled and stands up so that she can look for him; during this, she notes how she cannot hear him clearly. The Heroine then explains to Shin that nothing is wrong after he becomes concerned for her. Hearing her response, Shin says for them to go home.

He walks the Heroine to her apartment. Before he leaves, Shin inquiries about his position in the Heroine's life, wondering whether he is looked on as a type of close friend or as her real boyfriend. He tells her that he does not want to return to their old friend-only relationship after many months of building a romantic connection despite understanding the Heroine's situation. Shin then walks home while the Heroine looks on after him.

Sawa arrives with a fireworks flyer.

The next day, while the Heroine is cleaning up tables at the Maid's Sheep, she reflects on how her amnesia has been negatively affecting Shin and she wonders why he refuses to talk about her accident. Waka approaches the Heroine and comments on how she no longer wears bandages; though pleased that she no longer needs them, he becomes slightly upset as her "injured maid" appearance cannot attractive potential customers any further. They are soon joined by Sawa who reveals that there is an upcoming fireworks show. She suggests to Waka that the employees of the Maid's Sheep have their own fireworks show in town. The idea intrigues Waka and he agrees to it. He texts Toma and Mine about it and is quickly informed that both will be attending the ceremony. Likewise, Sawa calls Shin only to have the Heroine ask him to attend personally; unfortunately, Shin cannot attend as he will be studying for exams.

The box of fireworks that are brought to the shrine.

When night falls, several of the Maid's Sheep employees gather near a shrine with a box of fireworks. Waka, Sawa, Mine and Toma quickly start setting up the rockets while contemplating on what other fireworks to light. The Heroine, however, sits alone on the steps to the nearby shrine with Shin approaching her, despite having said earlier that he would be studying. He tells the Heroine to come with him.

The two venture out into the forests while following a dirt pathway. After some walking, they stop, and Shin asks whether the Heroine truly cannot remember how her accident came upon her; this, the Heroine admits that she cannot.

Shin finally explains as to what happened during the accident.

Suddenly, Shin pins the Heroine up against a tree and tells her to visualize that scenario like as though it occurred during the orientation trip. He finally explains to her about what happened: alone in the forests, he confronted her about sharing a room with Sawa and suggested that she goes to his instead, something that the Heroine refused to do out of concern for their relationship. Shin continues, saying that his persistence ended up causing the Heroine to flee, which, consequently, resulted in her running towards the edge of the cliff and falling from it; therefore, everything was his fault. Finished with his explanation, he then reveals his feelings about what had happened, and adds that it is now his time to save her, just like how the Heroine did before. The Heroine cannot recall as to how she saved Shin.

Shin and the Heroine then return to the shrine with their other colleagues. At this point, several of the fireworks have been lit and are now beginning to set off. The Heroine suggests that the two of them play with sparklers near the stairs, which they do. The Heroine, after a brief conversation between her and Shin, asks about how she saved him before.

The two speak about their relationship near the shrine.

Shin hesitantly begins by saying that his father once killed a man; hearing this, the Heroine realizes that she misunderstood Shin's words in her recollection. Shin continues by saying that his father ended up killing a drunk when he was still a child. He elaborates, saying that the experience would affect him as he grew up, for people would look at him differently, even his closest friends. However, only Toma and the Heroine didn't, and that "saved" Shin from distancing himself further from others. Shin states that Toma occasionally annoyed him though it was the Heroine's words, which spoke about how making one's self miserable was no different than running away, encouraged Shin to become a happier person; he thanks the Heroine for that.

Shin kicks the spinner running towards them.

The two then rejoin their colleagues nearby. Sawa points out to them that a firework spinner is heading in their direction as they are walking towards their group. The Heroine is frightened and hides behind Shin, who simply kicks the spinner towards Toma. As everyone laughs and shouts about it, only the Heroine smiles, glad that she now understands Shin's story. Everyone continues playing with the fireworks until they finally head back to town, parting for the night. Waka leaves with Sawa and Mine while the Heroine heads home with her two childhood friends.

The Heroine walks home with Shin and Toma.

While Shin and Toma discuss the firework incident from before, the Heroine reflects on the day's events and thinks about how she wants to treasure such memories, only to question herself on whether she will ever regain her lost memories. The trio approach a lake that they all used to play by during their childhood. Shin and Toma reminisce about the crayfish found in the lake and what they all did with them as children. Then, Shin says that he would like to return the Heroine's memories, one-by-one. Hearing this, Toma decides to leave them be, wanting them both to handle the situation on their own. Shin and the Heroine later head to a nearby park where the former wonders whether Toma was being considerate earlier.

Shin and the Heroine speak about their relationship.

The Heroine suggests that they wait longer inside the park before they go home. There, Shin confesses that he will always protect the Heroine, even if he does tend to say harsh or even hurtful words towards her. In response, the Heroine thanks him. She reveals that she was surprised when she learned that she was his girlfriend, even confused, though now she is relieved to understand everything about it. Shin stands up and says again that he does not want to return to a friend-only relationship; with that, he asks her out, only to be told that the Heroine still doesn't know much about him. Nonetheless, Shin decides to rebuild their relationship and kisses her twice, warning her that he will do so without notice from here on then. He says for them to go and they both leave the park, heading their separate ways.

Alone, the Heroine thinks about how she needs to regain her memories for both of their sakes. A shooting star stretches across the sky and she hears a man's voice wishing upon one. Suddenly, an oncoming truck drives in her direction.

Ikki calls out to the Heroine.

The Heroine then awakens in her room. Unsure of what had happened, she soon realizes that her phone is ringing and picks it up, hearing Ikki on the other end. He remarks on how they are both free from work on that day and says that he will arrive at her home within thirty minutes, quickly hanging up. The Heroine looks at her clock and discovers that the date is August 1st. Visibly shocked, she looks back at her pink journal only to find that its contents are blank, whereas it had notes of her experiences with Shin from before. Ikki soon calls the Heroine back to check up on her condition, later adding that he will be there in ten minutes now. The Heroine then starts to get dressed.

The fangirls fawn over Ikki.

She eventually heads outside and finds that Ikki has already arrived, but there is a large number of women gathered around him; among those women are the three who confronted the Heroine and Orion during one night. Ikki realizes that the Heroine is nearby and tells his fangirls to leave him be. They reluctantly exit the vicinity. Finally alone, Ikki asks whether the Heroine is jealous, before concluding from her stuttering that it appears to happen "once a blue moon". He then offers to do anything she asks of him. When he adds that he would prefer a sexual one, the Heroine becomes confused by his behavior and wonders what has become of him. Likewise, Ikki notices that something is odd with the Heroine when she simply stares at him.

Suddenly, a blonde-haired woman approaches the two despite, asking if she can join in on their conversation. Ikki quickly recognizes her and refers to her by her name, Rika. Rika only stares at them from afar while also glaring at the Heroine.

Characters In Order of Appearance[edit | edit source]

  1. Orion (voice)
  2. Shin
  3. Heroine
  4. Waka
  5. Sawa
  6. Mine
  7. Toma
  8. Ikki
  9. Rika

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