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Air Date January 21, 2013
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III is the third episode of the AMNEƧIA anime. It aired on January 21, 2013.

It is revealed that the Heroine has been dating Shin in the past three months, following the orientation trip. With Orion somehow missing, the Heroine attempts to reconnect with Shin, though he eventually finds out that she has amnesia. He attempts to help her by taking her to places around town and explaining more about the nature of their relationship. However, he apparently cannot bring himself to give out details of the Heroine's accident during the orientation trip, which has been a very concerned topic when the Heroine sees how differently others recall it.


The Heroine Gets Dressed

The Heroine finishes getting dressed just as Shin arrives.

With Shin gone, the Heroine gets dressed near a sink in the patient room. Just as she finishes dressing, Shin enters, asking whether she will get mad at him for not knocking on the door this time. He notices that the Heroine still seems to be spaced out. To this, the Heroine replies that she is fine, albeit with the still soreness from her injury. Shin takes her bags with him and begins to walk out, reminding her to take her medicine, like she would normally do each day.

Shin With The Heroine At Home

Shin with the Heroine at her apartment.

The two later walk to the Heroine's apartment. They both enter using a key that Shin evidently has with him. While both are in the Heroine's bedroom, Shin makes it clear that he will take care of the Heroine while she is still in "rehabilitation", indirectly reminding her of everything she knows or would normally do in a specific situation. He later becomes concerned when the Heroine's amnesia becomes more evident and advises her to go back to the hospital if necessary, though after recalling Orion's words, she refuses to.

The Heroine then goes into her kitchen to pour melon soda for Shin. She ends up overflowing his glass cup while recalling the trip that she took before. She provides Shin with the soda and he similarly hands her sandwiches that he bought earlier. However, Shin soon takes his leave but says that he will return tomorrow; after exiting through the door, he hesitates before going on out. The Heroine eats her sandwiches and cleans up. She reflects on her recent experiences, wondering what is happening to her, before she deduces that she is living a reality after touching the water of her faucet.

Shin Confronts Heroine About Amnesia

Shin confronts the Heroine about her now-apparent amnesia.

That following morning, Shin returns to the Heroine's apartment while she is still asleep. Once inside, he successfully misleads the Heroine to agree with him that it has been one year since they have begun a relationship, though he then points out that they have only dated for three months to that day. He then makes other points about the Heroine's unusual behavior from the previous day. Confronted about her surfacing amnesia, the Heroine can only tell Shin that she doesn't want to go back to the hospital, which he agrees to do, but Shin makes her go with him.

The Heroine Refuses Shin's Kiss

A shocked Shin realizes how distant the Heroine is from him.

Shin decides to help the Heroine regain her memories by taking her around town. He provides his name and gives the Heroine insight on their history, then taking her to the university that she attends. At the Heroine's university, while taking her to the band room, he explains how she is a singer for a band and that they often spent time together after her band practices. In the band room, while pressing on a key from a keyboard, Shin elaborates on other romantic experiences that he has had with her in that same place. He then attempts to kiss her twice, but, after realizing how uncomfortable she is about it, he finally stops and apologizes. After an awkward silence, Shin begins dialing on his cellphone, and reminds her that she has work that next day.

Childhood Friends Meet For Drinks

The three talk while having drinks.

Later, he takes the Heroine to a local cafe with Toma waiting inside for them. They join him at the table and order a few drinks. It is then revealed that Toma is aware of the Heroine's "confused memories" due to Shin telling him about it earlier. After some off-topic conversation, Shin asks Toma to help fill in for the Heroine's shifts, which Toma states that he was planning on doing anyway. He then asks about the Heroine's health. Shin lies and says that he has already taken her to a hospital. Afterwards, he reminds her that she works at the Maid's Sheep.

Troubled Shin

A troubled Shin stays quiet.

Shin later accompanies the Heroine back to her home. On the way, they discuss about the Heroine's accident from a few days ago, but she cannot fully remember what happened then. Shin then attempts to tell her something though he quickly decides not to. He continues to walk her home, though unlike yesterday, he does not go inside with her.

At home, the Heroine writes in a pink journal, recording what has happened in the past two days with Shin.

Shin Blushes

Shin blushes after the Heroine properly greets him.

The next morning, after being woken up by Shin's arrival again, both he and the Heroine head to the Maid's Sheep. Shin tells the Heroine that he has prep school but will return in the evening to pick her up. He then reviews her on how to greet customers, and he offers himself as an example, though he becomes embarrassed after the Heroine does greet him formally. Shin then leaves the Heroine so that she can get to work.

Work Reunion

Everyone greets the Heroine on coming back to work.

Inside the cafe, the Heroine is greeted by an unusually cheerful Waka. He is initially concerned about her condition, though after he is reassured that she is fine, he beams at the thought of new customers coming in because of an "injured maid" working in the cafe. As he then starts fretting over the reputation of the Maid's Sheep, Mine, who just entered herself, inquires whether he really is concerned about the Heroine. After a few exchanges of words from both of them, Toma finally arrives, though he is slightly exasperated when he sees that the Heroine has already arrived before him, despite saying yesterday that he would cover her shift. Finally, Sawa is the last to arrive. Similar to Waka, she is happy to see the Heroine back at work. Although still unsure of how she thinks of them, the Heroine maintains her politeness to all of her colleagues.

Sawa & Mine Explain What Happened

The two girls explain what they know of the accident.

In the changing rooms, Sawa and Mine both start talking about the Heroine's accident during their trip before. The Heroine realizes that they are referring to the same trip to the Shinano Mountains. She inquires about her accident and discovers that Sawa's knowledge of the trip is different than how the Heroine remembers it; both Kent and Ikki weren't with the rest of the group during the travels, instead arriving by chance. Furthermore, they weren't on the trip to even see the meteor shower. The Heroine becomes intrigued by the differences between their stories. Nonetheless, Sawa and Mine continue, explaining how the Heroine was found at the base of a cliff, unconscious, causing everyone but Shin to panic about her condition.

Near The Train Tracks

The Heroine stares at her old "acquaintance".

The Heroine reflects on their explanations as she walks home, alone, later that evening. During which, she wonders whose story is actually true. She stops walking after approaching a set of train tracks, as a bus was nearing in her direction. The Heroine soon notices that the same green-haired man who saved her before is near her; she decides to call out to him. She becomes confused when he appears to recognize her though she does not say anything. Suddenly, just as the bus passes by them, Shin comes running up to the Heroine, visibly annoyed that she already left when he came to pick her up. During this interval, the green-haired man disappears, and neither Shin nor the Heroine make note of it.

Shin Feels Demented

Shin apologizes to the Heroine.

Shin and the Heroine then head to a local park and sit down on a bench, while a man juggles bowling pins nearby. The Heroine comments on the unusually cool weather for August, which Shin points out has been worrying forecasters recently. Shin then begins talking about the Heroine's first live performance, and how he was very harsh to her about it afterwards, despite it later being a source of inspiration for her to improve her abilities. He then says how he tends to make harsh comments to her at times. Following this, the Heroine finally asks about her accident during the orientation trip. Shin says that he is unable to speak about it calmly, though he does admit that he "hurt" her, making him responsible for everything. He then apologizes.

Suddenly, just as the juggling man loses grip on his bowling pins, the Heroine hears Orion's voice calling out to her. She quickly stands up and looks around for her friend.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Heroine
  2. Shin
  3. Orion (voice)
  4. Toma
  5. Waka
  6. Mine
  7. Sawa
  8. Ukyo



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