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Air Date January 14, 2013
Opening Zoetrope
Ending Recall
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II is the second episode of the AMNEƧIA anime. It aired on January 14, 2013.

The Heroine experiences a traumatizing recollection of a girl cutting her own hair, following a rather disturbing confrontation with a group of girls. As she attempts to brush it aside, she learns of an orientation trip to an island, involving all of the part-time employees of the Maid's Sheep, including herself, so that they can all view the meteor shower. At the island, however, the Heroine recalls two other visions involving her and her two colleagues, Shin and Kent. Particularly, the recollection with Shin puts a greater uneasiness in the Heroine's consciousness when both are alone in the forests together.


Mysterious Lady

The mysterious lady glares at the Heroine.

Cornered near her apartment door, the Heroine becomes frightened by the three girls before her. One of them stomps on her scribbled photograph and wonders aloud whether she did break her promise. Uncertain of what she means, the Heroine does not respond. Suddenly, she recalls a faint recollection of an unknown individual cutting her hair with a pair of scissors. The light on a nearby street lamp is then burned out. Moments after, the Heroine collapses and falls unconscious, but not before she sees a long-haired woman stop by and glare at her. The Heroine does not wake up until much later when all four of the other women have left her be.

Heroine Talking With Orion

Orion talks with the Heroine about her ordeal.

The Heroine enters his apartment and looks at a mirror, asking Orion whether her hair has been cut as she herself inspects it. Orion ignores her question. Instead, he notes that she seems to have recalled a memory fragment though the Heroine cannot completely remember. They sit together in the living room and begin talking about the girls from before. The Heroine says that it is inevitable that they will cut her hair, for whatever reason it may be, and that she already feels despised by others. She then wonders about the "promise" she made in the past. Orion has doubts that she will be told the whole story and warns her not to reveal her amnesia, believing that others would take advantage of her if she did, regardless of who they may be. The Heroine understands fully though she becomes saddened at the suspected fact that her amnesia has already affected others in a negative way.

Sawa & Mine Greet Heroine

The Heroine is greeted by her two colleagues.

Morning eventually comes and the Heroine heads to work. As she finishes getting dressed, Sawa and Mine enter the dressing rooms, asking whether she is fine. The Heroine confirms it and apologizes for worrying them. While the Heroine's female colleagues begin talking about other things, Orion tells her that they seem reliable. However, he begins to fret when Mine notices that there is something different about the Heroine.

Then, Mine remembers about an orientation trip for the cafe's part-time employees, which includes the three of them. She and Sawa briefly explain it to the confused Heroine before adding that everyone they currently know will be there.

Shin's Deadly Confession

Shin confesses to having killed a man to the Heroine.

All of the employees then get dressed and head to the meeting within the cafe. The Heroine learns that they will be on a trip to an island for three days and two nights. She wonders about whether it will be fine with her current situation and shares her thoughts with Orion, who says that it may be a good experience for her to learn more about herself. Kent, who is working in the kitchens, tells the Heroine to bring a birthday cake to one of their customers. She does so and sings him a birthday song with Sawa. While singing the song, suddenly, she recalls being with Shin and playing with fireworks by a stairway. Shin quietly tells her that he has killed someone. The Heroine becomes caught in her trance until Sawa unknowingly snaps her out from it. The Heroine wonders about what she saw.

Toma's Casual Behavior With The Heroine

Toma gets comfortable with the Heroine in the cafe.

That night, the Heroine and her colleagues gather in the cafe. Toma walks in and takes a seat beside the Heroine. Shin himself arrives as well and takes a seat across from Toma. Toma says that he hopes it won't rain, otherwise they all won't see "it", which he then explains to the perplexed Heroine that "it" is the upcoming meteor shower. Kent tells them that weather reports have confirmed that it will mostly be clear during the night of the meteor shower so it won't be an issue for them. He then tells Shin that, as per Toma's request, he would help him with his mathematics as long as he organizes his problems. Finally, Waka arrives. He begins the meeting and explains that their upcoming trip on the 8th is to improve relationships between employees. Nonetheless, he adds that they should still enjoy themselves.

Heroine Meets Hero

The Heroine meets her green-haired hero.

The Heroine later starts walking home with Orion floating beside her. They discuss her situation as they continue walking. However, while they are talking, the Heroine does not pay attention to the crossing lights and is nearly hit by an oncoming car. Luckily, a green-haired man pulls her out of the way before she can get hit. He warns her to be careful. Then, judging by the Heroine's blank expression, he realizes that she does not remember him and walks away sadly. Orion wonders whether he's met her and says that he feels a flutter in his heart, which the Heroine also has.

At The Docks

Orion points out that Shin has been staring at the Heroine.

That weekend, both the Heroine and Orion join the former's colleagues on a trip to their destination. They're able to make it to their hotel before nightfall and unpack. Sometime later, everyone heads to a nearby lake to enjoy themselves with different activities. The Heroine notices Shin staring at her while sitting on a bench and wonders why. As she ponders, suddenly, drops of rain begin to fall on her face before it completely pours within minutes. Everyone returns to the docks and wait until the rain subsides. While looking off into the distance, the Heroine recalls being at a festival with Kent. Moments after, the rain subsides.

They all begin to head back to their hotel. While on their way back, Kent asks the Heroine whether there was something on his face, knowing that she was staring at him before. The Heroine says there isn't and asks whether he remember going to a festival with her in the past. He does not, however, worrying the Heroine.

Table Hockey

Everyone decides to play table hockey.

Back at the hotel, everyone decides to play some games before heading out to see the meteor shower. It's decided that they will play table hockey. They start with a double match between Shin and Toma with Ikki and Kent. Thanks to Ikki's pure talent and Kent's strategies, they swiftly defeat Shin and Toma, exhausting the latter once their game is completely over. The Heroine is then up to play. She teams up with Sawa against their boss, Waka, and Mine. Surprising, Sawa and the Heroine win the game.

Meanwhile, the green-haired man who saved the Heroine before arrives at the hotel with a sad expression.

Walking Up The Trail

Waka leads all of his employees up the dirt trail.

Later, it becomes time for the Heroine and her employees to see the meteor shower. They gather their flashlights and venture through the forest so that they can see it clearly. While on their way, Waka explains a little about the meteor shower they will all be seeing, commenting that it will be a night of great memories for them all. On their way, Orion talks with the Heroine about her match earlier, becoming both awed and surprised by it.

Shin Catches The Heroine

Shin helps prevent the Heroine from falling and hurting herself.

They soon notice that they are far behind the others except for Shin. Shin asks whether the Heroine is exhausted and asks for her hand, though the Heroine is reluctant. When he grabs her wrist, she becomes startled, letting herself go and walks away. Shin says that he'd like to ask her something. Per Orion's suggestion, the Heroine tries making up an excuse not to, though she then trips and nearly falls over. Shin manages to catch her in time before she falls. The Heroine suddenly recalls him saying he has killed someone and becomes frightened, running away from him and the others onto an unpaved part of the forest. Shin immediately chases after her.

As they run away, the green-haired man from before comes across their dropped flashlights and picks one up, grinning maniacally. He contemplates whether he should return their flashlights, but decides not to, concluding that it won't be necessary because Shin will do something to the Heroine.

Heroine Falls Off Cliff

The Heroine suddenly falls off the cliff's edge.

The Heroine continues running away from Shin though she does not pay attention as to where she is going. She soon discovers that she is running towards the edge of the cliff but she falls over before she could save herself. Shin stops himself by a tree near the cliff's edge and looks down in horror as the Heroine continues falling. Orion, however, lunges down towards the Heroine and tries to save her. The Heroine is shocked by what is happening to her.

Kiss Of The Heart

Shin kisses the Heroine.

Suddenly, the Heroine awakens in a hospital bed. She gets up and looks at the clock, before feeling her bandaged throat. She hears a voice, saying that he is coming in, looking around to see that Shin has entered the room. He asks her how long she will continue to sleep. The Heroine looks at the clock again and notices that it is August 1st, approximately 10 in the morning. Shin notices that she appears half-asleep and decides to wake her up. He leans in and kisses the Heroine, surprising her.

Shin's kiss does not trigger many emotions in her. He notices it and starts to leave, telling her to get dressed while he signs forms to get her discharged. The Heroine wonders what he means as Shin leaves. She tries to express her feeling to Orion but she quickly realizes that he is not anywhere near her.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Heroine
  2. Orion
  3. Rika
  4. Sawa
  5. Mine
  6. Kent
  7. Ikki
  8. Toma
  9. Shin
  10. Ukyo
  11. Waka



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