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Air Date January 7, 2013
Opening Zoetrope
Ending Recall
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I is the first episode of the AMNEƧIA anime. It aired on January 7, 2013.

While working at the Maid's Sheep, the Heroine suddenly collapses, later awakening to find out that she does not know anyone or anything about herself. She struggles to reconnect with her colleagues both in and out of work. Furthermore, it turns out that a mysterious spirit named Orion is responsible for her amnesia, and has been inhabiting her subconscious for the past few days. Luckily, he is willing to help out the Heroine, from trying to regain her memories to avoiding confrontations with some unsettling people.


Burning Building Dream

The burning building that the Heroine is running from.

Somewhere, the clock hand on a burning building ticks 8:04 during the night. The Heroine runs down the stairs inside the burning building, hoping to escape. The bell tower connected to the burning building suddenly collapses and leaves a large hole in the ceiling, allowing the starry sky to be seen. The Heroine stops and looks up at the sky. The Heroine suddenly finds herself in the waters after having fallen from a boat. As she sinks into the water, she notices a full moon shining above, and reaches out for it. A voice then calls out to her asking if the Heroine can hear her. The Heroine then finds herself near an intersection on the street. Instead of crossing the street like everyone around her, she simply looks at the ground, before closing her eyes. She then opens them to find that she is at an unknown cafe with other people. The Heroine becomes dizzy and collapses.

Shin And Toma With The Heroine

Toma and Shin offer to take care of the Heroine.

Sometime later, the Heroine later finds that she is on a couch looking at a calender. She recognizes the date as August 4th. Then, a mysterious floating boy appears by her side and asks if she is alright, startling the Heroine. A young woman named Sawa then enters the room after hearing the Heroine's yelp. She asks whether the Heroine is okay, though when she does not receive an answer, she tells the Heroine to lay down and wait for someone to come get her; afterwards, she leaves. The boy then returns and repeats his question but he also receives no answer. Moments later, one after the other, a dark-haired and blond man enter the room with the same question. One offers to take her home while the other asks whether the Heroine would like to go to the hospital; following the mysterious boy's protests to the Heroine, she tells them that she would like to go home instead. The two men both offer to take her home.

Toma & Shin walking the Heroine home

Shin and Toma talking casually while walking the Heroine home.

The Heroine discovers shortly after collapsing that she does not remember any of the people that came to see her. Despite so, she willingly agrees to whatever they say and goes to her home with the two men, whom she later finds out are Shin and Toma. On the walk to her house, she also discovers that she has an attachment to both Shin and Toma, but unfortunately, she cannot remember how it is exactly. Per the Heroine's request, both of the men leave her be once they arrive at her apartment.

Orion Explains The Heroine's Amnesia

Orion elaborates on the Heroine's amnesiac dilemma.

Alone, the Heroine hesitates before entering her home, wondering what she needs to do first. She is then approached again by the mysterious boy from before. The Heroine soon learns that he has an affiliation with her and eventually enters her apartment with him, where in her living room, he elaborates on her situation. The mysterious boy reveals himself to be a spirit named Orion who, since August 1st, has been with the Heroine since she developed amnesia. Orion eventually explains that he has an involvement with the Heroine's amnesia, and because of that, he now resides within her subconscious and is helping her regain her memories; furthermore, due to this, his presence is only known to the Heroine. After a lengthy explanation, Orion tells the Heroine to be cautious and to avoid revealing her amnesiac state to others. The Heroine simply responds with the fact that she cannot remember anything.

Elsewhere, Shin and Toma continue walking together after having left the Heroine alone, though both still worry about her safety and health. Shin suggests looking after her some more and tells his friend to take her shift at work. Toma states that he was planning on doing it anyways.

Employees Of The Meido No Hitsuji

The picture of the Maid's Sheep employees in the Heroine's room.

Orion later starts talking to the Heroine about Shin and Toma. The Heroine does not pay much attention to the spirit and instead checks her cell phone, looking through all the data that it has. Somehow, everything but work contacts are left on her cell phone. The Heroine then looks at a photo of her with her colleagues, including the two men who'd just accompanied her home. She wonders why she cannot think of anything about her past, making her wonder whether she really can regain her memories. Noticing her sadness, Orion says that he will help her, before he then disappears as he tells her "good night". The Heroine also says "good night" and she goes into bed, wondering who she is, and whether she can truly regain her memories. She soon falls asleep.

Orion Greets The Heroine In The Morning

Orion with the Heroine in the morning.

In the dark, outside the Heroine's apartment, a green-haired man laughs sinisterly as he looks at the Heroine's window.

The Heroine later awakens late in the morning, retaining memories of the previous day. As she gets up, Orion greets her and reminds her that he is always present, so she can talk to him freely about anything that comes of concern to her. Furthermore, since she doesn't know much about anyone aside from him, he will help her regardless of what it takes. The Heroine thanks him for his support. Orion is pleased to hear the Heroine's words, though moments after, he quickly reminds her that she needs to go to work.

Ikki's Look

Ikki gazing at the Heroine.

At the Maid's Sheep, which is the Heroine's workplace, a male employee named Ikki leaves his fangirls outside while he goes in for work. The Heroine arrives shortly before he enters and passes by the fangirls. Meanwhile, three others glare at her from afar.

The Heroine and Ikki get dressed and listen to the cafe's manager, Waka, review them on their tasks and other possible problems. He then leaves them be. Ikki asks whether the Heroine feels well enough to work again and expresses relief upon her response. Orion, however, notices the strange look that he gives her. A bell rings for the cafe to open. While Ikki speaks with Waka, who tells the former that he shall be stepping out for a bit, Orion explains his suspicions about Ikki to the Heroine.

Ikki & The Heroine's flashback

The Heroine recalls being taught how to make a fruit parfait.

Maid's Sheep soon opens and two male customers enter. The Heroine initially forgets how to "properly" welcome them back though she corrects her mistake thanks to Orion's supervision. Meanwhile, Ikki talks to the three girls who glared at the Heroine earlier. The Heroine seats the two male customers and takes their orders to Ikki, though she learns that the "maid's parfait" is traditionally made by the female employees, causing her worry as she does not know how to make one. Ikki reteaches the Heroine how to prepare one. As he does, she suddenly recalls having earlier being taught how to make a parfait by Ikki. The experience startles the Heroine and she knocks over a glass cup. She ends up cutting her finger while trying to clean up and Ikki takes her to the backroom to bandage it.

Ikki Tends To The Heroine's Finger

Ikki bandages the Heroine's finger.

Ikki gives the Heroine immediate first-aid treatment. Once done, he instructs her on what to do about it later. He then asks whether "it" does not work on her; moments after, Orion points out that he is giving her the same look as before. Kent then enters the room and greets his colleagues "good morning". Ikki then takes his leave to go back to work. After being thanked by the Heroine, he gives her a wink, before finally leaving the room.

Kent explaining the Heroine's situation

Kent explains the Heroine's situation with Waka.

Due to the Heroine's short stature, she asks for Kent to put away the medical kit on the shelf, which he does. He then asks her whether she induced the "Pauli effect" on the glass cups in the kitchen. Kent provides a very lengthy explanation on what the "Pauli effect" is to the Heroine when she looks at him, confused. When he finishes, he adds that working with a cut finger could lead to a bacterial infection, and advises the Heroine to go home for the day. On the other hand, Orion tries convincing the Heroine not to. The Heroine tries telling Kent that she feels fine enough to work and that she needs the experience anyhow. After some consideration, Kent agrees with her, even offering to talk to Waka about her dilemma. They both talk to Waka and he eventually allows the Heroine to continue working.

Ikki Catches The Heroine

Ikki manages to catch the Heroine before she falls over.

The Heroine continues working for the rest of the day. During work, she studies Kent and Ikki easily doing their jobs. While watching Ikki, she hears a bell and runs towards it, though she trips and nearly falls over until Ikki catches her. The event easily embarrassed the Heroine. Nonetheless, she continued to work and, as later noted by Orion, started doing very well near the end of her shift. The cafe finally closes around evening and she walks home with Orion beside her. They reflect on the Heroine's work for the day as they walk.

Falling Hair Strands

Strands of hair fall down below.

At the Heroine's apartment, she opens her mailbox and finds a picture of herself, with black ink scribbled all over her face. She is startled to see that it is here as the picture falls from the mailbox and onto the ground.

Moments later, three women slowly approach the Heroine; all three of them are the same women who were glaring at her earlier. They begin to taunt the Heroine, calling her an "eyesore" and a "backstabber". One of them stomps on the Heroine's picture and angrily asks whether she broke her promise earlier. The Heroine does not understand what they are all saying. Suddenly, she visualizes one of those women grabbing a pair of scissors from the Heroine's purse, and then cutting her hair with it. The Heroine is shocked and frightened by this visualization. While the light bulb of a nearby street lamp dims, she collapses on the ground, traumatized by what she has seen. She immediately falls unconscious.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Heroine
  2. Sawa
  3. Mine
  4. Orion
  5. Shin
  6. Toma
  7. Waka
  8. Kent
  9. Ikki
  10. Ukyo



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